This image follows on from #57… on the public houses of Glencaple. I searched the Ordnance Survey (OS) Name Books on place names between 1848 and 1858. When I got down as far as OS1/10/5/22, there was the Nith Coffee House: “Facing Glencaple Quay. This name is applied to a public House 3 stories high with but poor accommodation for travellers. No more than six persons Could be served with beds Coffee Tea etc - Mrs. Helen Ball Landlady.” The 3 stories high matches this 1892 photo! The name Helen BALL enabled me to search the 1851 & 1861 Censuses. There she was with the name Helen BALLS: Address: Nith Coffee House Public House; Occupation: Innkeeper. No visitors, only her 5 children. Business must not have been good.
Photo: 1892 view of the Nith Hotel. Kind permission of Lynsey of the Nith Hotel and Mrs Houliston.
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