Mary BOYD worked as a House Maid in a Glencaple Inn (1851 Census) for an Inn-keeper Susan THOMSON. The visitors (guests) included: Ship Carpenter 1; Ship Carpenter Apprentice 5; Mariner Apprentice 2.
Where was Mary BOYD's Inn? At that time there were three Houses which could have been her Inn, which were large houses that had extra rooms for renting and thus provided food and lodging. The 1863 Ordnance Survey (OS) said there were TWO inns in Glencaple, meaning two out of the Nith Coffee House (later the Nith Hotel in the 1898 OS), Burnside House and Glencaple House. The 1851 & 1861 the Censuses rule out Glencaple House as an Inn since it was occupied by Helen MARTIN & family, the widow of a ship owner. Mary BOYD ’s Inn was named in the 1861 Census which lists Susanah THOMSON (widow of ship builder) with the address Glencaple Village, Burnside House: household members… son (ship carpenter); granddaughter; grandson (mariner); female servant (14 years old). Note the shipbuilding…the patent slip and the ship building yard on the map.
1856 Map of Glencaple Village from the Ordnance Survey Maps - Six-inch 1st edition, Scotland, 1843-1882
Dumfriesshire, sheet LX (includes: New Abbey: Troqueer) Survey date:1856 Publication date: 1861.
Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland, from their Map Images website.
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