In the mid nineteenth century, Glencaple was thriving, and housed a boat-yard as well as many small businesses associated with the riverside location. The 1851 Census showed Mary Boyd working as a house-maid in an Inn which had these lodgers: ship carpenter 1; ship carpenter apprentice: 5; mariner: 1.
By 1863, “Its shipbuilding is all but quite extinct; and, ranking as a sub-port of Dumfries, it has scarcely any trade of its own, but serves for such vessels to discharge their cargoes as are unable to sail up to the burgh. At it are two inns, a tolerably good quay, a police station, a school, and a Free church.”—Ord. Sur., sh. 6, 1863.
In this photo is the Nith River and a boat against a stone quay, opposite the old Nith Hotel across the road.
Photo: Chris Upson.  Glencaple Village, via Wikimedia Commons
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