PATFIELD: Alma… Chapter 7

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This chapter details the stories of Alma's siblings who survived. Those who died young are mentioned elsewhere. These are Evelyn Dora Myrl b.17 Nov 1899 - d.28 Nov 1900 and Russell Stanley b. 7 Mar 1911 - d. 16 Mar 1911. Please follow their links: Evelyn, Russell.

Alma's siblings.


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What happened to PATFIELD children when mother died on 6 Jun 1916.
# Monty PATFIELD's children Age when mother died Fostered by Address
1 Alma Maud 15 years Victoria TUCKER 'Brisbane Grove Paterson'
2 Lydia Victoria (Lyd) 13 years Victoria TUCKER 'Brisbane Grove Paterson'
3 Samuel Montague (Sam) 12 years ?? ??
4 Wallace Aldersley 10 years ?? ??
5 Claremont Lawton
(Monty Jnr)
7 years ?? ??
6 Harry Ernest (Joff) 2 months Zerada Taylor

36 William St Paterson.

Can anyone please help in filling in the spaces in the above table? The foster parents mentioned above were Monty's sisters. It is possible that Monty's other sister Lydia Sarah SMITH might have also volunteered since Monty was pictured working on her farm at ‘Bona Vista’… see here. See chapter 2 for details of mother Alice Maud PATFIELD's life and death.
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Lydia Victoria PATFIELD b. 1902

Image of Lyd Wade. Lydia Victoria PATFIELD
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with text etc.
Image of Abb Wade.Albert Edward McDowell (Abb) WADE

Lydia Victoria (Lyd) PATFIELD (1902-1977) was born on 29 Aug 1902 at Paterson.…i), ii) Her early life followed the pattern of her older sister Alma (see chapter 3), and she was sent to live with her father Monty's sister Victoria Tucker with sister Alma. See here.

Lyd's social life in Paterson included winning the Paterson "Queen Competition" in Feb 1924.…vii) I always found Lyd an outgoing sociable person!

Lyd married Albert Edward McDowell (Abb) WADE (1904-1982)…iii), iv) in 1926.…vi) Abb spent all his life with machinery and motor vehicles and could do anything mechanical. He was born in 1904 at "Belle Vue" Largs. His father Albert Edward then sold "Belle Vue" and bought a 108ac farm from the "Lee Holme" subdivision in Woodville in 1916.…v), xi) Abb was described in a motor bike collision in 1923 when he lived at Woodville and was visiting Paterson. The lady passenger was probably Lyd. When I was young I spent many Christmas holidays with Lyd and Abb and asked Abb how he got a crooked leg and walked with a limp and he told me it was a motor bike accident. Children do not hold back with questions! The collision is described below:

A motor car and cycle with sidecar attached collided at the post office corner at Paterson on Sunday. The car was driven by L. Hare, of Maitland. and the cycle by Albert Wade, of Woodville. Wade was thrown out and received a compound fracture of one of his legs. A lady passenger in the sidecar was thrown to the roadway, but escaped injury. The cycle was badly damaged. …viii)

Image of garden at Bolwarra House. Part of garden at "Bolwarra House"
31 Bayswater Rd Bolwarra.

Lyd and Abb probably spent the first years of their marriage at "Bolwarra House", Kensington Rd Bolwarra,…ix) owned at that time by Stewart William (Stewart) CORNER…ix) (1863-1947), grazier. Abb was described as a gardener in Kensington Rd,…ix) and was probably fully employed in "Bolwarra House" in what was the most extensive and beautiful garden of the area. This large estate would have had employee accommodation. An 1894 account describes the garden in part as:

Image of entrance to Bolwarra House. Entrance drive to Lyd PATFIELD’s probable home at "Bolwarra House" 31 Bayswater Rd Bolwarra (?-1930).

Bolwarra House is approached from the Maitland side by a short but wide avenue, into which during the summer the sun scarcely ever penetrates. At regular intervals magnificent oak trees throw out their foliage to such an extent that a complete archway of greenery is formed. The aspect from the gate is thoroughly English, and constitutes one of those beauteous scenes which delight the eye and bring forth recollectlons of home to those whoso early associations have been connected with rural surroundings in old England. Those trees are of considerable age, and as an indication of their dimensions it may be mentioned that the branches of one giant cover a space fully 70ft in diameter. The garden comprises an area of some acres, and is a maze of beauty, It is devoted more 'to the growth of trees than to the cultivation of flowers, and a number of stone and Norfolk pine, cypress, oak, and elm trees throw out a shade that is very inviting during the warmer months of the year, There is a profusion of flowering plants, including the lovely may, camellia, rose, and other varieties of shrubs of strong growth, and they are placed in such positions that they may be closely inspected from all points. At a little distance from the eastern frontage there is a fern house in which staghorns, rock lilies, mountain moss, maiden hair, and an infinite variety of ferns grow in profuse luxuriance. The staghorns are suspended from the roof, and are therefore entirely sustained by their own nutritive qualities… etc etc. …x)

In 1930 Lyd was pregnant with son Edwin Ross WADE (1930-1991), b. 26 Sep 1930…xii) and also in 1930 Stewart sold "Bolwarra House"…xiii) to Lancelot Trevor Pease (Lance) LEE…ix) (1886-1969). Lyd and Abb made the decision to move to Close St, Morpeth in 1930 where Abb was described as a garage proprietor.…ix) This move, together with the "Great Depression", led to Abb's insolvency which was resolved in 1933 with a dividend of 1s. in the £1.…xiv) In 1934-35 he was recorded in the electoral rolls as a motor mechanic at Close St, and then he moved to Swan St as a carrier in 1936-1949, shown in 1949 as 87 Swan St (corner of Swan St. & Robert St Morpeth).…ix)

Image of Morpeth home. Lyd PATFIELD's home on corner of 87 Swan St and Robert St Morpeth (1936-1952).

The electoral rolls do not tell the whole story! A man who can do anything is not going to change his electoral records all the time. I visited Lyd, Abb and Edwin for what seemed most Christmas holidays and observed Abb working for his brother-in-law Ken Pryor who had a factory next to the railway line in Morpeth, in a general engineering maintenance job. I followed Abb around like little boys do, when he used a fully operational blacksmiths forge in his garage at Morpeth. Let Abb have the last word: in Abb's last Will dated 14 Jul 1982 he identified himself as a retired engineer.…xv) In spite of Abb's damaged leg, he enlisted in WWII on 28 Jan 1943 with service number N458179, and served in the 20 Bn Volunteer Defence Corps with part time duty. He was discharged on 24 Sep 1945.…xvi)

Lyd probably received piano tuition at the same time as her sister Alma. I still remember her large player piano which played music from perforated rolls when you pumped foot pedals. Lyd must have ensured Edwin also learnt, and he became the church organist at St James Church of England Morpeth. Lyd went to church and Edwin ran the local C of E Boys Society (CEBS). I don't remember Abb going to church. It's the little memories which stick. They had a clock which chimed every quarter of an hour, and had full Westminster chimes on the hour. In memory of this I bought a clock which does the same for me and I remember Lyd and Abb each time. Similarly, I followed my second family (the Wades) and also became a church organist!

They then moved to a share dairy farm at “Sunnyside” 215 Luskintyre Rd, Luskintyre near Lochinvar, Maitland and just past the Luskintyre Bridge over the Hunter River in about 1953.…ix) Abb’s blacksmithing skills were much in demand to fix local farm machinery. The 1954 Electoral Roll showed both Abb and Edwin dairy farmers at "Sunnyside".…ix) At that stage Abb had renovated a second dilapidated house on the farm where my cousin and his partner lived. My other memories of the place include sitting in the branches of the mandarine trees and eating as many as I wanted. Looks as if selling the orchard fruit was not a commercial proposition. Another memory is sitting with my back to the galvanised wall of the large barn down near the river, with the sun on my face, sheltered from the winds which blew constantly around the Christmas season. Doesn’t sound as if I did much work to help in those days! Carefree days! Following the "Maitland Flood" of 23 February 1955, half the farm was left with non-arable sand, preventing viable share farming. The electoral rolls suggest that they stayed at Luskintyre until 1958 when they moved to 39 Maitland Rd Tarro where Abb became a mechanic again and Edwin moved to nearby Woodbury where he became a textile worker…ix) at Cortaulds, Tomago. From present day satellite views, the barn is gone, there is no orchard and the extra house is also gone.

Image of Luskintyre home. Lyd PATFIELD’s "Sunnyside" homestead (built 1904)
at 215 Luskintyre Rd Luskintyre (~1952-1958).

They retired to 14 Lorna St Pelican (near Swansea NSW) at least by 1968 and Edwin was recorded at his parents' earlier home at 39 Maitland Rd Tarro in 1968.…ix) Lyd died on 18 Feb 1977…xii) when Lyd and Abb lived at Pelican and Abb died 5 years later on 14 Jul 1982…xii) when he was possibly living at the caravan park at Swansea with relatives Douglas Dunbar WADE & Violet WADE.…ix)


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      Acknowledgements… Chapter 7: Lydia Victoria (Lyd) Patfield
I am grateful for the correspondence and contact with Lucy, Christine and Brian WADE.


Samuel Montague PATFIELD b. 1904

Image of Sam Patfield. Sam PATFIELD
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with text etc.
Image of Hazel Cork. Hazel CORK
Marriage to Sam
9 Oct 1926 Minmi NSW

Samuel Montague (Sam) PATFIELD (1904-1971)…ii), iii) was born on 8 Jun 1904 at Paterson.…ii) When Sam was almost 12 his mother died on 6 Jun 1916 and his siblings were sent to live with his father's relatives. It is not known what happened to Sam. See here.

The first record I have of Sam's life was when he travelled to Waverley, Sydney in 1925 for his sister Alma's marriage. Please click on his image at the left for a large image of Sam at a STRONG family gathering preparing for the wedding. The next year on 9 Oct 1926, Sam married Hazel Louisa CORK (1902-1992)…iv), v) at Minmi NSW.…vi) Hazel is shown in her wedding dress on the left. Their only child Shirley Alice was born at Stanford Merthyr NSW on 10 Nov 1927.…vii) It is probable that Sam worked as a miner at the Stanford Merthyr Colliery, which finally closed in 1957. In 1930 returned to his father's occupation of farming at Woodville Largs,…viii) then to the even greener fields of Bunyah Roadside, Krambach in at least 1932, 1934.…viii)

Sam's stay at Bunyah Roadside in the height of the Great Depression raised questions… was he camping at the edge of the road like many during this period? However Electoral Rolls showed this was the name of a real locality which is not currently used, now included in the neighbouring Bulby Brush. Why was he in such remote "tiger country? The key may have been knowledge of his uncle Cecil Claude SOPER and his wife Matilda May PAFF. They lived at Champions Flat, just south of Krambach cemetery, as did Matilda's father Theodore PAFF.…viii) It is suggested that they would know where the jobs were. Who employed Sam? The answer may have been in the "Personal Pages" in 1940 which reported: “Mrs. S. M. Patfield and her daughter Shirley, of Tarro, have been holidaying at Krambach as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. Collins.”…ix), x) Bingo! The COLLINS family owned properties at Bulby Brush and Bunyah Roadside. Alternately, the H.J.J.B. PAFF family owned a well-known farm at Bulby Brush with a prize winning AIS dairy herd.…viii), xi) The local school "Bonnybrae"at Bunyah Roadside…xii) would have been important to the PATFIELDs during their stay.

Image of Sam's home at Morpeth Sam PATFIELD’s home at "Home Lea"
43 Swan St Morpeth (~1940-1971)

Sam moved on to farming at Tarro by 1937, then in 1943 to his home at High Street Morpeth, then finally, by at least 1946, to "Home Lea" 43 Swan St Morpeth. He remained a miner and finally a mining safety warden for all his working life in Morpeth. When I visited Sam's home I saw how he used mining principles in ventilating his house in the hot summers. Brattice curtains diverted the air through hall ways from one side of the house to the other. Sam had bad problems with his back caused by a mining accident which made me think how dangerous his job was. Sam was a quiet softly spoken man and his sister Alma STRONG née PATFIELD was very fond of him. In about 1946, Alma took me to to visit my grandfather Ernest Montague PATFIELD, who she thought was living in a shed at the back of Sam's place. To our surprise my grandfather had left to live with his other son Claremont Lawton (Monty) PATFIELD. See chapter 2. I never ever saw my grandfather!

I remembered how important Aunty Hazel would have been to the life in Morpeth at the time. Hazel used to play for all the town dances. She was quite amazing, in so far as she could not read music, but could play anything (quite loudly!). It was amazing to me, since I had done the hard slog of learning the piano the traditional way… and there was Aunty Hazel… without lessons… playing everything!!

Sam and Hazel's daughter Shirley married the Morpeth butchers son, Des Wright on 11 Jun 1949 at St James Anglican Church, Morpeth.…vii)

WRIGHT-PATFIELD.- Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Patfield, of "Home Lea," Morpeth, have pleasure in annnouncing the engagement of their only child, Shirley Alice, to Desmond Alfred, only son of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Wright, also of Morpeth.…xiii)

Sam died on 21 Jan 1971 at Maitland Hospital…iii), vii) and his ashes were placed at Newcastle Memorial Park, Beresfield,…vii) located E G W 12/3 C/112.…xv) Hazel spent her latter days at "Maroba" nursing home at Waratah and died at Waratah Hospital on 13 Dec 1992. Her funeral service was held at St James Anglican Church, Morpeth on 15 Dec 1992.…xiv) Her ashes were placed at Newcastle Memorial Park, Beresfield at E G W 12/3 C/113…vii), xv)


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      Acknowledgements… Chapter 7: Samuel Montague (Sam) Patfield
I am grateful for the correspondence and contact with Olga Marquet, Des Wright and Lyn Reid of Krambach.


Wallace Aldersley PATFIELD b. 1906

Wallace was born on 24 May 1906 at Paterson.…ii) When Wallace was 10, his mother died on 6 Jun 1916 and his siblings were sent to live with his father's relatives. It is not known what happened to Wallace. See here.

The first record I have of Wallace was in Nov 1924 …v) when he was dismissed from the railway and was then living in his father's house in "Brisbane Grove",…v), vi), x) just across the Paterson railway bridge from the village. See the below photo.

Image of Postcard of Paterson c1912. Postcard of Paterson c1912. Item PHS1070 from the the Paterson Historical Society Collection.
Commercial road and Keppie’s sawmill is in the foreground, village at R, orchard at Brisbane Grove across the Paterson river at L. Under the bridge at R is a river steamer moored at the Paterson Wharf. This is PATFIELD country! Wallace's father & also his uncle Herb worked on steamers from this wharf.
His grandfather Thomas SOPER lived on Commercial road. Aunt Victoria owned Brisbane Grove, sisters Alma & Lydia lived at Brisbane Grove homestead,
while his father Monty lived in an old weatherboard house on Brisbane Grove… Wallace stayed with Monty at least from Nov 1924.


Image of Wallace PATFIELD in his railway uniform. Photo: Alma STRONG. Wallace PATFIELD in his railway uniform. Photo: Alma STRONG

Wallace was employed for a brief time with the railways. He commenced as a Gatekeeper at age 14 on 10 October 1920 in the Newcastle district, and subsequently as a Junior Porter from 22 Nov 1920 to 11 Nov 1924. He was dismissed on 24 June 1924 for irregular use of his card pass to travel between Nooroo and Wauchope. Wallace appealed to the Board on 25 July, 1924 which was successful and Wallace was restored to his former grade and rate of pay. Presumable in connection with this appeal a voucher for 18/- was passed for witnesses’ expenses to Mrs R.L. Hicks, paid from the petty cash a/c of the district Superintendent at Lismore. He was finally dismissed on 11 Nov 1924, no reason was given on his staff history card.…v) See the photo on the left of Wallace in his railway uniform. There would be an interesting story in Wallace's irregular use of his card pass to travel between Nooroo and Wauchope. Nooroo is an isolated spot in "tiger country" between the Dungog and Stroud Road railway stations. If he were posted to Nooroo (18km from Dungog), it would be a very lonely position for a 17 year old! The rail distance from Nooroo to Wauchope is 192km and the present day rail service would take 3.25hrs. Nooroo station was closed in 1975.

On the 28 Apr 1925, Wallace (almost 19 years old) had been drinking in Paterson village and was returning to his father's house in “Brisbane Grove”. He was making the dangerous crossing over the Paterson bridge, made even more dangerous due to his drinking. He had reached the other side when the midnight train struck him. The coroner's verdict was: “Verdict: Effects of injuries accidentally received through being struck by a passing train. Remarks: Intemperance. Post mortem: No.”…xi)


More detail is given in the newspaper report:

—PATERSON Tuesday.    The body of Wallace Patfield, 18 years of age was found near the railway line on the northern side of the railway bridge this morning. The body was decapitated. The gruesome discovery was made by the engine driver on a special goods train, who found the body on the side of the line about 18 inches from the rails. The young man was in town during the evening, and it is surmised that he was on his way home, and was walking along the line when the midnight train struck him. Patfield was the second son of Mr. Montague Patfield, and until recently, he was employed with the Railway Department. He had been residing with his father since he left the service. An inquiry will be held. The funeral will leave the Church of England portion of the general cemetery at Paterson. …vi)

The newspaper also gave great detail of attendance at Wallace’s funeral:

The funeral of the late Wallace Patfield, second son of Mr. Montagu Patfield, of ‘Brisbane Grove’, Paterson, took place on 29th ult., the remains being interred in the local C. of E. cemetery (writes our Paterson correspondent). The   Rev. Mr. Rupp officiated both at the   church and graveside. There was a  very representative attendance of residents of the town and district, the expressions of sympathy with the   relatives being very numerous. The father was unable to be present, on   account of having recently undergone an operation at the local hospital. The pall-bearers were Messrs. W. Tucker, J. Tucker, and C. Smith (cousins), C. Keppie, G. Hinds, and   R. Rooney. Amongst those present were Messrs. Sam, Monty and Joff Patfield (brothers), Miss Lydia Patfield (sister), Mrs. W. Tucker (aunt), J. Patfield (great-uncle), Miss. E. Taylor, Messrs. H. Patfield, V. Taylor (cousins), and Mr. Cyril Harding. A beautiful collection of floral , tributes was sent by the following: Father, sisters Alma and Lydia, brothers Sam and Monty, Auntie Vic. Bill, Jack and Mary, grandma, all at 'Bona Vista' Uncle Albert, Auntie Emily and Joffre, Mr. and Mrs. Patfield and family, Mr. and Mrs. P. Keppie and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. O'Connor, Minnie, Myrtle, Roy and George Bevan, Mr. and Mrs. Harding, Cyril and Doris, Mrs. Call and family, Mr. A. Wade, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Keppie, Mr. and Mrs. T. Jordan, Min and Rene, Mr. and Mrs. Clerke, Cecil and Dulcie, Gordon and Dick, Mr, and Mrs. A. E. Wade, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McGill and family,  Mr. and Mrs. Rooney and family, Mrs. R. Tucker and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. Reinhard, Mr and Mrs. T. A. Mate. …ix)

The inscription on his headstone (photo below) reads: “In loving memory of • Our dear brother • Wallace A. Patfield • Died 28th April 1925 • aged 19 years.”. Why is his father not mentioned? He was buried in the Anglican section 6 of the Paterson Cemetery on 29 Apr 1925.

Image of Wallace PATFIELD’s headstone. Photo: Judy Soper. Wallace PATFIELD’s headstone. Photo: Judy Soper.


How many accidents like this happened on the Paterson bridge? Was there much effort made in preventing people using the bridge as a shortcut? By coincidence, 15 years later Monty's nephew Victor TAYLOR died in similar circumstances, which also involved the coroner's comment of "intemperance'.…xi) Victor was Monty's sister Zerada TAYLOR née PATFIELD's son. Zerada (Ada) is mentioned above as Joff PATFIELD's foster mother.

Run Down by Train. Tragedy near Paterson.
With the top of his head severed, the body of Victor Taylor, about 45, dairy farmer of Martin's Creek, was found floating in the river under Paterson railway bridge on Thursday morning last.
He is believed to have been struck by a train while crossing the bridge about 2.44 a.m. Wilbur Arthur Cox, relieving gatekeeper at Paterson, informed the police that he had seen the figure of a man in the glare of the headlight of the Kempsey mail as it was crossing the bridge on Thursday morning. After the train had passed he dashed to the spot, but found nothing. The police made a search and after daylight found Taylor's body floating in the water. It is thought that Taylor, after visiting relatives across the river, was walking across the bridge towards Paterson when he was struck by the train. He leaves a widow and three children. …xii)

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      Acknowledgements: Walter Aldersley PATFIELD
I am grateful to the Paterson Historical Society for the use of their 1912 Paterson rail bridge photo (PHS1070). Judy Soper kindly forwarded her photo of Wallace’s headstone.


Claremont Lawton (Monty) PATFIELD b. 1909

Image of Monty PATFIELD. Monty PATFIELD
at Marriage to Irene
20 Jan 1940 Casino NSW
Image of Irene EKERT. Irene EKERT
at Marriage to Monty
20 Jan 1940 Casino NSW

Claremont Lawton (Monty) PATFIELD (1909-1961) was born on 25 Feb 1909 at Paterson.…ii) When Monty was 7 his mother died on 6 Jun 1916 and his siblings were sent to live with his father's relatives. It is not known what happened to Monty. See here.

The first mention of Monty in the electoral rolls was in 1930 when he was a labourer aged 21 in Minmi NSW. The same year he was also on the Morpeth roll, living at Close St as a labourer, perhaps living with his sister Lydia WADE (née PATFIELD). Then in 1931, 34 & 35 he was a farmer living in Paterson.…x) By 1939 Irene Freda (Rene) EKERT tells the story that Monty was working on the next farm to her home farm at "Oakdale," Tatham.…v) The rest was history! Monty and Rene married on 20 Jan 1940.…vi)

PATFIELD - EKERT. The Rev. W. Whitbread officiated at the wedding in the Methodist Church, Casino, of Irene Freda, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Ekert, of "Oakdale," Tatham, to Clement Patrick Patfield, third son of Mr. E. Patfield and the late Mrs. Patfield, of Paterson River. The bride, who entered the church with her father, wore an ivory silk all over lace frock, over shell pink satin. Her veil was of pale pink tulle, heavily embroidered, with a Juliet cap held in place with orange blossoms. In her belt she wore a spray of orange blossoms and heather, which was worn by the bride's grandmother (Mrs. Richardson) on her wedding day. The bridal bouquet was pink gladioli and streamers. The veil was lent by Mrs. J. Marsh, and the bouquets were the work and gift of the bride's aunt, Mrs. J. Hill, of Stanthorpe. Miss Jean Ekert, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid, and she wore a frock of clover shade georgette, with waist length blue tulle veil, finished with a top knot of mauve flowers. She carried a sheaf of cream gladioli and streamers. The train bearer was Lorna Richardson, cousin of the bride. Her frock was blue georgette, with large tulle bow in her hair and cyclamen flowers. Her bouquet was early Victorian of purple static and tied with blue tulle. Mr. John Schneider was best man. Miss Irene McDonald was the organiste. The catering for the reception was done by Mrs. A. O. Simpson in the supper rooms of the Civic Hall. The bride's mother received the guests wearing a beige georgette frock, with accessories to tone, and she carried a bouquet of carnations and ferns. Leaving for the honeymoon the bride wore a frock of teal crepe with beige accessories. The honeymoon was spent in Sydney and in the Hunter River district. Prior to her marriage, the bride was entertained at a kitchen tea at Greenridge, and at a gift evening at Mr. and Mrs. A. Green's home at Greenridge. She also received a presentation from the Fellowship of Tatham. …vii)

Rene tells the story of their subsequent honeymoon where they met Pat's eldest sister Alma & husband Rev Robert Strong at Sydney (Belmore)… I was there too, but only 2 years old! They spent a week there, then went to Pat's sister Lyd and brother Sam (at Morpeth) and stayed a couple of weeks with them. Rene called her husband "Pat", my mother Alma called him "Monty".…v)

After several ventures and still no money Monty (Pat) decided to enlist in the Army in Brisbane on 10 Mar 1941. On 14 Mar he was taken by ship to Thursday Island! He was discharged from the Army on 2 Dec 1941.…viii) He subsequently enlisted in the Citizen Military Service at Casino,…ix) but I have not applied for this record. Monty's 1961 obituary gives a short summary of his life:

Obituary: Mr C.L. Patfield. The death occurred suddenly at Casino of Claremont Lawton (Pat) Patfield. The late Mr Patfield was born at Paterson on the Hunter River in 1909. He was the son of the late Montague and Alice Patfield. His early life was spent in the Maitland district before he came to Casino 24 years ago. He married Miss Irene Ekert 21 years ago. After serving in the 49th Battalion at Thursday Island, he took up farming at Ruthven and later moved to Tatham. Seven years ago he joined the staff of the Railway Department where he was employed at the time of his death. Mr Patfield is survived by his widow, daughter Janice and a son John. One daughter predeceased him. Sisters are Mrs Strong, Croydon and Mrs Wade, Stockton. Brothers are Sam, Tarro, Harry, Newcastle, Alf, Sydney, Rev Ronald, Sydney, and Rev Ken, Mungindi. The funeral moved from the Casino Methodist Church where Rev. G.L. Francis officiated. Pallbearers at the church were John (son), A. Wade (brother-in-law), S. Richardson (cousin), J. Schneider and J. Richardson (brother-in-law). At the cemetery pallbearers were work mates, W. Hobart, H. Shrubb, V. Mills, W. Spedding, and J. Richardson.…xi)

The Electoral Rolls show that in 1943 he was a farmer at Ruthven, then in 1949, 54 and 58 he was a dairy farmer at Tatham. Electoral Rolls depend on the voters updating their information. We should note that Monty's obituary says that in 1954 and 1958 he was a railway employee. The rolls also show that in 1949 Ernest Montague PATFIELD was living with Monty.…x) Monty's son John told me Ernest Montague was living in a shed behind his son's house at Tatham ("near the grape vine")!…xiv)

Claremont Lawton PATFIELD died at the age of 52 on 20th April 1961. He was buried in the Casino Lawn Cemetery on 22 Apr 1961.…xii) His gravestone says: “In loving memory of ● Claremont Lawton ● Patfield ● died 20th April 1961 ● aged 52.”…xiii)

In 1976-77 I visited Aunty Rene in a railway cottage at 52 Hare St., South Casino, on the Bruxner highway to Mallanganee just out of Casino, just before the railway crossing and on the right hand side of the road. This house has now been demolished.It was still there in 1980. Rene must have occupancy due to Monty's railway employment. Rene was a great person, kind and hospitable and good company. Her published life story…vi) shows she had a really hard life which is well worth reading.

Irene Freda Patfield died at the age of 86 on 28 May 2000. She was buried on 31 May 2000 at the Lawn Cemetery section of the Casino Cemetery, Row A Plot 3. Her gravestone says: “In loving memory of ● Irene Freda ● Patfield ● died 28th May 2000 ● aged 86.”…xiii)


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      Acknowledgements…Chapter 7: Claremont Lawton (Monty / Pat) PATFIELD
I am grateful for the correspondence and contact with John PATFIELD (Monty's son) AND Brett CUMMING (Monty's g-son).


It would be great if descendants of Alma's siblings might contact me. See the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.

Harry Ernest (Joff) PATFIELD b. 1916

Chapter 2 described that Alice Maud PATFIELD died on 6 Jun 1916 in Maitland Hospital shortly after the birth of her son Harry Ernest (Joff) on 30 Mar 1916. Her death certificate gave the further details that she had died of cardiac failure following puerperal septicaemia of 2 months duration …i) … which would be complications following the birth of her son Harry Ernest (Joff) PATFIELD.

Obituary. The death occurred in the Maitland Hospital on Tuesday of Mrs Alice Patfield, a resident of Gloucester. Deceased, who was 37 years of age, had been an inmate of the institution for three weeks. …v)

When Joff's mother died, he was only 2 months and his siblings were sent to live with his father's relatives. See here. Joff was fostered by Monty's elder sister Zerada Mary TAYLOR née PATFIELD (1870-1956) and her husband Albert (1867-1947).…vii), viii) The below photo is of the TAYLOR home at 36 William street Paterson.…viii)

Image of Joff Patfield’s home with the TAYLORs at William street Paterson. 36 William St Paterson, built abt 1920. Joff PATFIELD lived here with his foster parents, Albert TAYLOR & his wife Zerada (Ada) née PATFIELD.

Joff's foster father Albert TAYLOR “gave faithful service to St. Paul's Church of England, Paterson, being a vestryman and rector's warden for many years.”…x) As a result, Joff would have been a regular church-goer and met his sister and my mother Alma PATFIELD who was the church organist. A Miss TAYLOR subscribed to a farewell present to Alma when she left Paterson to marry.…xviii) See here.

The PATFIELD family kept in contact while Joff lived in Paterson. On 9 May 1925 Joff went to the funeral of his brother Wallace who was hit by a train on the Paterson bridge. The article said: "Amongst those present were Messrs. Sam, Monty and Joff PATFIELD (brothers), Miss Lydia PATFIELD (sister)"…ix)

Joff did well at school. In 1928 he passed the entrance exam to the Boys' High School, Maitland. He was one of only 13 other boys in the surrounding area who succeeded in this exam. The names of the schools and the number of successful students were: Binglebrah 1, Chichester 1, Clarence Town 1, Dungog 1, Fosterton 1, Gresford 2, Paterson 2, Seaham 1, Trevallyn 1, Vacy 1, Wallarobba 1.…xix) See here. At the end of year prize-giving concert in 1928 Joff sang a solo and also played a part in the school play.…xxi)

Albert Taylor “was an enthusiastic cricketer in his early life, and organised matches throughout the district.  After giving up active participation, in the game he became an ardent supporter, and often helped the finances of the local club. He was also an excellent umpire, a duty which he performed to the last.”…x) Following Joff's foster father Albert’s and also his father Monty’s interest in cricket (see image…#35), it was no surprise that Joff followed this tradition. See Joff’s 1937 photo below.

Image of Joff Patfield with the Paterson Cricket A Reserve Grade Premiers 1936-37 team. Photo: Courtesy David Smith. Paterson Cricket A Reserve Grade Premiers 1936-37 team. Joff is far R, front row.

Several years later in 1939, Joff was employed as a shop assistant at the Paterson branch of the Blue Stores and had a succession of accidents.…xi), xii), xiii)

PATERSON MAN HURT Car and Truck Collide Harry Patfield (22), of Williamstreet, Paterson, was taken to Maitland Hospital on Saturday night with severe lacerated wounds to the forehead and top of the head. He was also suffering severely from shock. (Sat 28 Jan 1939). Patfield, who is employed at the Paterson branch of the Blue Stores, received his injuries when a utility truck in which he was riding, collided with a motor car between East Greta and Tester’s Hollow. The truck was badly damaged, but other occupants and the passengers in the car escaped injury. Maitland Ambulance, which was called to the scene of the accident to attend to Patfield, found difficulty in giving first aid, for rain was falling. After the bearers had treated his injuries, they took him to hospital. …xi) Following this accident Joff was fined £2 with 18s costs In West Maltland Police Court (28 Mar 1939) for driving a motor lorry in a negligent manner. His motor-lorry struck the car on the incorrect side of the road.…xx)
Motor Cyclist Injured. Mr. Harry ('Joff') Patfield was riding a motor cycle near the Paterson- railway station last night he ran over a dog. (Thurs 23 Feb 1939). The motor cycle skidded and swerved against a fence and Patfield was thrown heavily to the roadway. He was given attention for abrasions and lacerations to the arms and legs by the Maitland Ambulance, which conveyed him to Maitland Hospital. . …xii)

In 1942 when Joff was 25, he married Merle Aileen STUCKINGS, …iii) daughter of Thomas STUCKINGS (-1 Jan 1951) & Maria SELLENS (1876-15 Jul 1951), in St Paul’s Paterson. Merle was born in 1918 in Allynbrook NSW.

The electoral rolls…xiv) tell us that the following year in 1943 the PATFIELDs had moved to 13 Rawson street, Mayfield and Joff worked as a munitions worker. After the war in 1949, 1954, 1958, Joff was at 25 Brett street, Waratah, working as a cleaner. Then he changed occupation to locomotive driver when he lived at Flat 1, Chapman street, Charlestown in 1963 until he died at 4 Fifth Street Cardiff in 1965.…iv)

Merle Aileen died at 4 Fifth Street Cardiff on 5 Sep 1965; she was 47. …xv), xvii) Joff had been diagnosed with heart problems (coronary atherosclerosis) in 1962…iv). It would appear that the stress from his wife's death added to his heart disease, caused his death a little over a month from his wife's death. The certificate said: “When and where died: About 10th October 1965 4 Fifth Street Cardiff”, which indicates he was found alone. His brother-in-law Abb WADE from distant 14 Lorna Street Pelican Flat was contacted to be the informant for his death.…iv) Joff's half brother Rev. Ken PATFIELD came from Walcha to help officiate at his cremation service on 14 Oct. Ken told me that my parents Alma (Joff's sister) and Robert STRONG were also at this service.…vi) The Coroner subsequently dispensed with an inquest on 1 Nov, and found he died of coronary atherosclerosis.…iv) The house where he died is shown below.

Image of 4 Fifth Street Cardiff. Joff PATFIELD and his wife lived here at the time of their deaths in 1965. 4 Fifth Street Cardiff. Joff PATFIELD and his wife lived here at the time of their deaths in 1965.


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      Acknowledgements… Chapter 7: Harry Ernest (Joff) Patfield
I am grateful for the correspondence and contact with Ken Patfield, Olga Marquet, David Smith and Judy Soper. A photo of Joff's cricket team was kindly provided by David Smith.


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