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  1. Appendices Section 1: Miscellaneous
    1. Appendix 1: A Descendant Report of the STRONG Family— BDM records + photos
    2. Appendix 2: Internet sites that have been useful in researching this site
    3. Appendix 3: Some thoughts on the use of DNA technology
    4. Appendix 4: 'Similar'. Speculation concerning photograph identification
  2. Appendices Section 2: Belfast Records
    1. Appendix 5: 'Stayed in Belfast'. What if Robert STRONG had brothers who remained in Belfast and did not emigrate?
  3. Appendices Section 3: Hamilton STRONG in the USA.
    1. Appendix 6: ‘The search for Hamilton STRONG’ Did he emigrate to the United States?
  4. Appendices Section 4: Further Biographical Details.
    1. Appendix 7: Obituary of John Burgess MACKAY:
  5. Appendices Section 5: Holywood Records.
    1. Appendix 8: Accumulated data relating to the STRONGs and SLOAN(E)s of Holywood Parish & Knocknagoney Townland.
  6. Appendices Section 6: CALLAGHANs… the family next door. See this page.
    1. Appendix 9: CALLAGHANs lived next door to David STRONG. The two families were significant to each other and David's son Edward STRONG married Ruby CALLAGHAN.
    2. Appendix 10: Family of Isabella CALLAGHAN (née WHITE).

Appendix 9: CALLAGHANs lived next door to David STRONG. The two families were significant to each other and David's son Edward STRONG married Ruby CALLAGHAN.

This section is presented for the benefit of the CALLAGHAN family, which was important to my grandfather David STRONG family. Callaghans… would you please have a look at the data and the photos and see if you can provide any extra information? You might be able to identify the people in the photos?

The STRONGs bought "WEDEMEYER", 18 Manning Road, Waverley on 19 Aug 1909 from the original owners of the house, H H & W Bartrop (builders)…i). The CALLAGHAN house "Kendall" is next door and has the same front as the STRONG's house. We can assume that both houses were built by Bartrop about the same time. I visited Beryl CALLAGHAN in "Kendall" in about 2000, and she told me her house had the same internal plan as "Wedemeyer…ii). Examining the 2009 street photo beneath, it appears that the "Kendall" has been renovated without regard to the original materials. The roof is now red terracotta and the barge boards are not ornamented. Beryl died in 2015, but the house remains in CALLAGHAN hands…iii).

STRONGs' home  “Wedemeyer”STRONGs' home “Wedemeyer” (centre house), 18 Manning street Queens Park (previously Waverley), NSW.
CALLAGHANs' home "Kendal"(house on the right) 20 Manning St. Photo: 2009.

The STRONGs and CALLAGHANs had common backgrounds. David STRONG had emigrated from Belfast, Ireland in 1874 as a 4 year old boy on the 'William Aberdare'…iv). His father-in-law (Louis WEDEMEYER) was born in Goslar Germany and had emigrated in 1854, aged 30, on the 'Peru'…v). Similarly, the death certificate of the father (Michael CALLAGHAN) of the owner of "Kendall" next door (Michael Joseph) showed he was born in Cork, Ireland and also that he immigrated to NSW as a 25 year old in 1867 (ship unknown)…vi). Michael Joseph's father-in-law (Louis WHITE) was born in Frankfurt Germany …vii) and immigrated to NSW in March 1865…ix) as a 28…vii) year old seaman on the 'Himalaya'…ix). His future Irish wife Margaret GRAHAM was a passenger on the same ship …viii), x). All good German and Irish heritage!

The photo of the STRONG and CALLAGHAN houses above, shows that they were a matter of inches apart! The CALLAGHAN children were 6 girls and 3 boys, who were around the same age as the two STRONG boys, Robert (b. 1896) and Eddie (b. 1901). I cannot work out how all the CALLAGHANs fitted into their house? The two photos below (taken by my father) were about 1925, which was when my mother Alma was married. I assume that she was not yet married and her brother Sam PATFIELD travelled to Sydney as her chaperone so that Alma could meet Robert's parents. The house looks like the CALLAGHAN's "Kendall"… the name plate isn't "Wedemeyer".

Robert STRONG's photo. From L to R: Doris(?) CALLAGHAN, Eddie STRONG, Alma PATFIELD, Ruby CALLAGHAN, Sam PATFIELD,
2 unknown CALLAGHAN girls in background. Photo: 1925? Robert STRONG with glass negative camera.

The next photo must have been taken at the same time, about 1925, which was when my mother Alma Patfield was married. It was also outside “Kendall”. Doris(?) and Ruby Callaghan wear the same dresses as in the first photo. The girl on the far left in a school uniform was probably the youngest Callaghan daughter, 17 year old Sadie. In the middle is Sam Patfield, then on the R are Ruby and Eddie.

Robert STRONG's photo. From L to R: Sadie & Doris(?) CALLAGHAN, Sam PATFIELD,
Photo: 1925? Robert STRONG with glass negative camera.

My father's photos show that the two families got on, thus there would be no surprise that David STRONG’s son Eddie would marry Ruby, who was the girl next door when he lived at Manning St, on 18 Jan 1930 at St Mary’s Church of England, Waverley, NSW. Eddie's brother Robert performed the ceremony…xi).

Eddie and Ruby's marriage Eddie and Ruby's marriage.

Eddie and Ruby's place in the extended CALLAGHAN family is shown in the photo below.

CALLAGHAN Family. The extended CALLAGHAN family. Photo kind permission of David STRONG …xii), son of Ruby STRONG (née CALLAGHAN).
Note that probably each branch of this family received this great professional photo. A good idea for every family!
Edward (Eddie) STRONG back row, 2nd from the R. Diagonally down from Eddie is his wife Ruby, Michael Joseph (Pop) CALLAGHAN with Eddie's son Barry on his lap. Seated next to Pop is his wife Isabella (Nan) CALLAGHAN (née WHITE).
Photo: Late 1937 photo by Glaister. Thomas Glaister (d. 1904) was one of Australia's most important early photographers.
The photo is dated by the age of the child …xxx) seated on Sadie's lap (next to Isabella) and also by Barry's age.

Here is a transcript of the Marriage Register for Edward James STRONG & Ruby Grace CALLAGHAN, included perhaps for sentimental reasons?

I, Robert George David Strong, being a Clerk in Holy Orders do hereby certify that I have this day at St Mary’s Church of England Waverley duly celebrated Marriage between Edward James Strong, Engineer, Waverley, Bachelor and Ruby Grace Callaghan Home Duties, Waverley, Spinster after Declaration duly made before me as law required.
Dated this eighteenth day of January 1930. R Strong Signature of Minister. Signatures of Parties to Marriage Edward Strong (Bridegroom) Ruby Callaghan (Bride). Signatures of Witnesses Sadie Ethel Callaghan, John A Callaghan.
Declaration before Minister. I, Edward James Strong, Engineer of 18 Manning St., Waverley Bachelor being duly sworn, do on my oath declare that I have attained the age of twenty-one years— and I believe there is no impediment or lawful objection by reason of any kindred, relationship, or alliance, or any former marrige, or the want of consent of parents or guardians, or any other lawful cause, to my being married to Ruby Grace Callaghan, Home Duties of 20 Manning St., Waverley Spinster daughter of Michael Joseph Callaghan of Waverley Market Attendant and I hereby further declare that I have full knowledge that if I swear falsely I shall be guilty of perjury, and be liable to be punished accordingly. Signature of Bridegroom Edward James Strong
And I, the said Ruby Grace Callaghan, Spinster being duly sworn, do on my oath declare that I have attained the age of twenty-one years— and I believe there is no impediment or lawful objection by reason of any kindred, relationship, or alliance, or any former marrige, or the want of consent of parents or guardians, or any other lawful cause, to my being married to the said Edward James Strong and I hereby further declare that I have full knowledge that if I swear falsely I shall be guilty of perjury, and be liable to be punished accordingly. Signature of Bride Ruby Grace Callaghan. Declared and sworn by both parties named, this twentieth day of December 1929. Before me, Signature and Designation of Minister R Strong.
Bridegroom: Birthplace: Sydney NSW. Age: 28. Father’s Name: David Strong. Father’s Rank or Profession: Cleaner. Mother’s Name: Minnie Wedemeyer.
Bride: Birthplace: Sydney NSW. Age: 23. Father’s Name: Michael Joseph Callaghan. Father’s Rank or Profession: Market attendant. Mother’s Name: Isabel White. …xi)

CALLAGHAN Descendancy Report.

Note: No details of living people in these reports

Family of Isabella CALLAGHAN (née WHITE).

Oral History & Isabella's father

Let's list the most likely names to the least likely: Firstly the two names which were reported… WIESEL, WEIGAL and WIEGEL. It is interesting that they are close in spelling! Then the names which would also lead to mispronunciation… WEISEL, WEIGEL which would sound like WHITE to an English speaker and consequently anglicised. Finally, on mere conjecture, perhaps everybody was wrong and Louis' English name WHITE was a straight translation of a German name WEISS or WEISZ? Note that WIESEL, WIEGEL, WEISEL, WEIGEL, WEISS, WEISZ are all used as Jewish names in Germany.

Lewis' History

Lewis WHITE was born on 17 Nov 1836 in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany…vii). Lewis' original Christian name was Louis…ix),xvi). The date of birth of 17 Nov 1836 which he gave at his naturalisation…vii) was probably accurate, since the other DoB's hovered around 1837…vii),ix),xv-xvii), xxiv)… also his place of birth was probably Frankfurt am Main since this information was given on two occasions…xiv), vii). His spelling of Frankfurt as Frankfort suggests that Lewis spoke a Hessian dialect… which might help us locating his specific birth place. On the other hand, his surname is uncertain, as mentioned above.

Lewis died in 106 Eveleigh St Redfern, Sydney, NSW, on 11 Sep 1915 at the age of 79 at the home of his daughter Sarah Hazell. He was buried on the 12 Sep 1915 in Old Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood, Sydney, NSW,…xxiv) section DD, row 6 with his wife Margaret. The headstone inscription reads: “Wife of Lewis White” followed by "Husband of the above".…xxvii)

He emigrated on the ship ‘Himalaya’, which had sailed from Glasgow via Plymouth , and arrived at Sydney NSW on 14 Mar 1865 as an able seaman at the age of 28.…ix) Subsequently he may have had regular employment on the coastal schooners since he was recorded as a "foreign" seaman on the 'Vibilia' on 17 Feb 1866 at Sydney.…xxxvi)

Lewis’ wife Margaret GRAHAM

Shortly after on 9 Apr 1866 when Lewis was 29, he married 25 year old Margaret GRAHAM in Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW.…xv) Margaret had come out with her sister Matilda on the same ship as Lewis in 1865, both girls from Galbally townland Co Tyrone, were C of E, could both read and write, with the occupation of “servant”…x), xLvii). Margaret was born in 1839(?) in Galbally, Dromore Parish, Co. Tyrone, Ireland the daughter of James GRAHAM & Ann McGUIG(G)AN…viii), x), xLiii), xlviii) In 1835 Galbally townland had 25 houses, 125 inhabitants,128 arable acres, 50 acres of bog, with the non-resident proprietor General Archdall.…xLix)

Health problem in family?

Margaret died of phthisis. This is an old term meaning a wasting disease, especially applied to tuberculosis of the lung… if it were phthisis pulmonalis we could be sure of a TB of the lung diagnosis. She died at her residence, 55, Ultimo-road, Sydney NSW, on 13 Aug 1884; she was 45, and was buried in Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney, NSW…xxvii), xxxv), xLiii). Note that her sister Isabella also died young, aged 42 in 1894 (also) at 55, Ultimo-road, of granular kidney which could have been differentially diagnosed in modern times as tuberculosis.…xLviii) Putting these deaths into context, mortality rates in Australia from TB per 100,000 population were: 1881-90… 150; 1891-1900… 120; falling to 1981-90… <1; when TB was controlled.…Lvii) Also note that Robert Koch had just published his discovery of the TB bacillus in 1882!

How old was Margaret? Confused information all around!
# Event Calculated
Date of Birth
Date of Death Date of burial Notes
1 Death Certificate …xLiii) ~1839 13 Aug 1884 15 Aug 1884 Lewis WHITE informant.
2 Inscription on headstone ~1839 13 Aug 1884 See photo below.
3 5 X Death notices …xxxv) 15 Aug 1884 Eg… "In sad but loving remembrance of our dear
mother, who departed this life August 15, 1884, at her
residence, 55, Ultimo-road". etc. Publ. on 16 Aug 1884
4 Immigration Journal …x) ~1841
4 Shipping Register …xLvii) ~1841
4 Cemetery Records …xLi) ~1841 15 Aug 1884
4 Cemetery Headstone
Transcriptions, 1837-2003…xxvii)
~1841 13 Aug 1884
4 Marriage …xv) ~1841

It was hoped that Irish records would solve the ambiguity of Margaret's DoB. However, the Irish Family History Foundation did not have Church of Ireland records for Galbally townland in the Parish of Dromore.…xLiv), xLiv—a) Further research confirmed that these records were destroyed in the 1922 fire in the battle of Dublin.…xLv) Pity, since Holy Trinity Dromore was the church the GRAHAMs had attended. This church is only 2 miles north of Galbally and the rector at the time was Rev. Henry Lucas St George…xLvi) who gave the references for four of the GRAHAMs when they emigrated.…x) The Rev St George must have been independently wealthy apart from the tithes of £694.…L) In 1832 he commenced building a new Rectory "a spacious fine house",…xLix) (The Glebe House) and in 1846 he built a new church to replace the old one built in 1694.…xLvi), xLix), L) All this where “the situation of the people (was) poor to a great degree (and) their domestic comforts (were) very limited”…xLix). Also: “the generality of the cottages in this parish are of a very wretched description”!…xLix)

Search for the GRAHAM homeland… where did Margaret come from?
Image of Griffith's Valuation Map of portion of Dromore Parish
                  Griffith's Valuation: Some Dromore Parish Townlands .…Li)—b).
Finding your way around the map

The thick red lines are the borders between the town lands; thin red lines are the boundaries of the Lots which all contain a red number. The 1860 Griffiths Valuation book…Li)—a) lists these numbered Lots with the names of the occupiers and the people holding the lease (lessors). Using the book and the map…Li)—b) we have located the various GRAHAMs. Single black lines show the boundaries of the paddocks; parallel black lines show roads which in some cases have the name of the road (placed there from modern maps… eg New Park Rd). If you want to see fine detail such as these road names, use the zoom option on your browser. Large italicised lettering names the various townlands. If you start at the bottom R corner of the map, you find Galbally townland. Then move diagonally up to New Park townland, which you find extends diagonally NW to the top L corner of the map. Now go down to the bottom L corner past Tullywee townland to Dergany (Neville) townland, then to the E is Dergany (Maguire) townland. There is a lot of detail on these maps… you can see hedgerows, houses, even ancient circular forts or raths. A feature of this map is the Londonderry — Eniskillen railway line marked diagonally NE, starting from the bottom. This is shown by parallel red lines enclosing black marking.

James GRAHAM ~1860 to 1883… Margaret’s father

Follow the railway from the bottom of the map…Li)—b to where it crosses the intersection of 3 townlands. James GRAHAM’s property (house and land) is in lots 4 A & B, in Galbally townland, on both sides of the railway. Here the map shows “Galbally Br”… a bridge…Liv) , minimising problems of splitting the Graham property. James’ 4A & 4B properties are only small (only 1 acre, 3 roods and 5 perches). How could James survive on a small garden plot? The Griffiths annual revision lists showed that James continued to occupy 4A & 4B at least up to 1881.…Li)—c). The subsequent lists showed that James’ name as occupier was scored out and his wife Anne’s name superimposed, then Anne is scored out and Mary Swanston written.…Li)—c) James died of heart disease on 1 Mar 1883…Liv), Lv) and Anne died a little later.

GRAHAMs of New Park ~1860… establishing relationships

The 1860 Griffiths Valuation…Li)—a) lists more GRAHAMs in the next townland New Park… and there we have the properties of George GRAHAM (Lot 15a, 54 acres) and Charles GRAHAM (Lot 18, 18 acres). These properties are continuous with each other and also with James GRAHAM’s railway access property… this must have been the importance of James’ property… the railway! Consequently the GRAHAM properties are also continuous with the Galbally Lough… water for stock, fishing etc! The GRAHAMs were also landlords in New Park… the immediate lessors… Charles rented out lot 17 (8 acres), George rented out 15B (house and office). Can we assume that the GRAHAM properties were part of the same business operation? George and James were brothers, shown by immigration details…Lvi where George's son John was sponsored on the ship 'Himalaya'' by uncle John Graham the drayman, who also sponsored James' daughters Margaret and Matilda on the same ship, also as uncle John GRAHAM the drayman. John's relationship to the GRAHAM's was confirmed in his immigration details on the ship 'Sabrina' in 1854 when his parents were described as William and Margaret, both dead. John's property could not be located in Co. Tyrone. Probably Charles on Lot 18 was also a brother?

The Griffiths Revision Lists…Li)—c) give the hint of when George, his wife Catherine and also his possible brother Charles died. In 1860-63 George was on Lot 15. Then in 1864-79 Catherine GRAHAM struck out, John KELLY inserted on Lot 15. Note that George Graham died on 1 Aug 1867…Lxiii and his wife Catherine died on 7 Jan 1885…Lxiv, both at New Park. In 1860-63 Charles was on Lot 18. Then in 1864-79 William Smith was on Lot 18.

GRAHAMs in the Tithe Applotment ~1835… the breakthrough…Lix, Lx

The Index to the Dromore Parish Books gave the following entries: GRAHAM, George New Park; GRAHAM, James New Park; GRAHAM, William Garbally; GRAHAM, William Jun. New Park; GRAHAM, William Sen. New Park.…Lix

Pam Birchall kindly sent me sheets out of the Tithe Applotment Books…Lx which included the GRAHAMs and their relatives in our target area. Pam's sheets only related to two of the above GRAHAMs. The book entries for each occupier usually include:

The results for the GRAHAMs and relatives in the ~1835 Applotments and subsequent are:
# Last Name
First Name
Our Notes Subsequent Events in 1860 (Griffiths Valuation)…Li)—a) Griffiths Revision…Li)—c)
1 CHARLETON Henry 6 Galbally Daughter married John GRAHAM's son. Henry dead(?) since his wife Sarah on Lot 1A , 1B Galbally 1860. Lot 6…Henry on 1A, 1B in 1882 - 1898 Valuation Revision! Henry's son?
2 GRAHAM William Senr 4 New Park Likely to be the father of our GRAHAMs. He died before 1854, Lot 4…Bernard GALLAGHER
3 GRAHAM George 5 New Park Exempt note in applotment book. Lot 15…George GRAHAM
Lot 15…George in 1860-63. Lot 15…Catherine GRAHAM struck out, John KELLY inserted in 1864-79
4 GRAHAM Robert 2 Dergany (Maguire) Not related? On border with New Park,
and New Park Rd runs through Lot 2
Lot 2…Terence McALEER

The bottom line? We may have found the ancestral home of our GRAHAMs at Lot 4 & 5, New Park townland!

How to get to the GRAHAM properties in modern times

Refer to the map above which has modern roads superimposed on the historic map. In each case, start at Dromore.

Route 1: Go 2½ miles south from Dromore on the B46 (Galbally Rd). Find the 2½ milepost then turnoff right (R) to New Park Road, just 300m past the Togherdoo Methodist on the L. Galbally Rd’s intersection has New Park Rd on the R and Aghnamoe Rd on the L. Now travel 800m along New Park Rd. You are now where New Park Rd used to cross the railway line, and just N of the GRAHAM lots 4A and 4B. If you cannot travel here, Google this address: 8 Newpark Rd Omagh BT78 3JR, UK; click on maps, click on street view, rotate the view appropriately and there you are travelling on (virtually) the road to our ancestors!
Now continue on New Park Rd past James’ property. On the L is Charles Graham’s Lot 18… his house was on the NE corner of his Lot, just next to the road. The next Lot along the road was George GRAHAM’s Lot 15. His house was close to Charles’ house, and was on the R side of the road. A distance further, around a few turns, New Park Rd skirts through Dergany (Maguire) townland. Here was Robert GRAHAM’s Lot 2… no house was shown on the map.
Keep continuing along New Park Road, now through Tullywee townland, until it meets Longhill Rd. Then turn R along Longhill Rd to the ancestral home in New Park townland of all our GRAHAMs which was at Lots 4 & 5, 400 metres on the L on Longhill Rd from that intersection.

Route 2: Go 2 miles from Dromore down Tummery Rd or the A32, find the 2 milepost at the turnoff. Then turn left at Longhill Rd until you cross Esker Rd, then Lots 4 & 5 are only 150 metres on the right from Esker Rd. If you cannot travel here, Google this address: 73 Longhill Road Dromore Omagh BT78 3LB UK. Then again, click on street view etc and travel (virtually) along Longhill Rd.

Image of view from intersection of New Park Rd and Galbally Rd (B46). View from intersection of New Park Rd and Galbally Rd (B46), 2 ½ miles from Dromore. Look along the road about 800m to the top of the first ridge.
The railway ran across the road here. See the house on the left of the road at this position… this must be a house built on the GRAHAM property?

Back to Lewis

Lewis settled down after his marriage and lived in the Ultimo area, shown by the place of birth of his children. This is supported by oral history from Glen Hielscher's branch of the family:

After his marriage he set up in the Sydney markets auctioning produce brought in by the coastal schooners.…xxxvii)

Glen Hielscher's oral history then suggests that at least one of Lewis' children continued and expanded this family business:

Lewis WHITE (*Jnr) was a storeman and auctioneer at the Sydney markets. He had a horse-drawn underslung wagon, used to transport cattle one at a time from the North Coast paddle steamers to be auctioned with his poultry etc at the markets. …xxxvii) *Note: for clarity this Lewis WHITE (1870-1950) will be referred to as Lewis (Jnr), and his father as Lewis (Snr) (1836-1915) in line with the 1903 electoral roll entries described below..

Lewis and Margaret had the following children:
i. Frederick William (1867-1923). Residence when married in 1889- Ultimo…xviii). Born Chamber street Glebe…xvi).
ii. John James E. (1869-1932), m. 1903.
iii. Lewis (Jnr) (1870-1950), m. 1896.
iv. Isabella Annabella (1872-1956). Residence when married 1897- Ultimo…xix). Born Ultimo…xix).
v. Margaret Jane (1874-1943), m. 1911. Born Ultimo Rd Pyrmont…xvii).
vi. Marion Mary (1876-1955), m. 1902
vii. Sarah (1878-1962), m. 1904
vii. George (1879- 1950).
All of their children apart from Frederick and George were baptised at St Andrew’s C of E Cathedral Church, Sydney, NSW.…Lxii)

Lewis continued living at 55 Ultimo road, which was in the Paddy’s Markets area at Pyrmont, Sydney NSW. The surviving documents of the 1901 Census show that Lewis lived there with 2 other males and 3 females.…xx) From the marriage data on his children above, he probably would have lived with his children John, George, Margaret, Marion and Sarah. This is confirmed in part by the 1903 Electoral Roll for 55 Ultimo Rd, Pyrmont, Sydney NSW, which showed that WHITE, Lewis, Senior was a storekeeper who lived with his son John James WHITE (clerk).…xxi ) On 1 Jul 1903 a business named "L WHITE" was registered at Thompson Street Drummoyne. It was run by Louis WHITE and sold confectionery & groceries.…xxxii) If this was our Lewis, he may have kept his original name "Louis" for important documents? The Sands Directory had no entry for 1890, but included an 1892 entry for "L White" at Thompson Street Drummoyne.…xLii)

Lewis (Snr)'s address can be confused with the address of his son Lewis (Jnr). Lewis (Jnr) is recorded as WHITE, Lewis, Junior in the 1903 Electoral roll at 171 Jones St, Ultimo, Sydney NSW, also with the occupation of storekeeper.…xx) This meant that it was Lewis (Jnr) who lived in 1905 at 171 Jones St, Ultimo, Sydney NSW,…xxii) and also in the 1900 Sands Directory.…xxii) 171 Jones street is present-day terrace housing, between MacArthur St & Mary Ann St.

Lewis (Snr)'s final home from at least 1911…vii) until he died in 1915 was 106 Eveleigh St Redfern, Sydney, NSW, probably with his daughter Sarah during that period. At the present day, this is an area of Aboriginal housing and slum demolition.

Lewis (Snr) took the Oath of Allegiance in his Naturalisation application on 18 May 1911 in Sydney NSW.…vii) It is interesting that Lewis WHITE (Louis WIESEL?) was naturalised in 1911 when he was aged 74. Was this in response to any anti German feelings just before WWI …xiii) ?

The majority of enemy aliens were of German-origin. An average of 190 Germans and 23 Austrians were becoming naturalised each year in the five years leading up to the war (1909-1913), and in the year the war began (1914) these figures increased to 596 Germans and 64 Austrians being naturalised. It is likely that the majority of these occurred in the rush of applications during the first five months of the war between, August and December 1914…xiii).

Jürgen Tampke describes the "Australianisation" of German nationals in this period before the war and their rejection of Deutschtum or Germanness promoted by overseas Pan-German ideologues. …xxxi) Gerhard Fischer says: "I don’t think Australian residents of German origin had reason to be nervous in 1911, but that does not mean that some people may not have had misgivings about the political situation in Europe, notably the escalating tension over the ‘arms race’ between Imperial Germany and Britain. I don’t think there was a great deal of anti-German feeling in Sydney directed specifically at Sydney residents." …xxxiii)

Lewis led a varied life in his occupations. He was recorded as seaman,…xiv), …ix) laborer,…xvii) wharf labourer,…xix) wharfinger,…xviii) store keeper…xxi), …xxxii) and finally wool storeman.…xxiv) At the end, …xxiv) he must have suffered kidney problems over a significant period, perhaps arising from his occupations, and died of uraemia and asthenia. On the other hand, he may have received a TB infection transmitted by his wife Margaret or sister-in-law Isabella who had both lived with him at 55, Ultimo-road. (See above).

His death notice suggests that he was employed by or associated with the Newcastle and Hunter River Steamship Company for 40 years… at least from about the time he married in 1866…xv) to the time he registered his shop on 1 Jul 1903…xxxii):

WHITE.—September 11th, 1915, at the residence of his Son-in-law, Mr. Hector Hazell, 106 Eveleigh-street, Redfern, Lewis White, for 40 years with the Newcastle and Hunter River Steamship Company, aged 78 years. …xxxiv)

We should note that the "Newcastle and Hunter River Steamship Company" was only formed in 1891 following the amalgamation of the Hunter River New Steam Navigation Company with the Newcastle Steamship Company.…xxxviii) The only record we have of Lewis' employment in NSW before his marriage was on the 'Vibilia',…xxxvi) but this schooner was owned by a consortium of share owners and not solely by a steamship company.…xxxix) After his marriage, his arrangement with the shipping companies to auction their goods at the Sydney markets…xxxvii) was probably a contractural arrangement, rather than direct employment.

Lewis was buried with his wife Margaret and sons Frederick and George at Rookwood Cemetery.…xL), xLi See the image and details below.

WHITE family grave. WHITE family grave. Photo: Neville Bunce.
Rookwood Cemetery in Zone B; Old Church of England; Section: DD; Row: 6; Grave Numbers: 237 and 238.
Sacred to the memory of
Margaret, late beloved wife of Lewis White, who departed this life,
13th August 1884 aged 45 years, May her soul rest in peace.
Also Lewis White, husband of above,
died 11th September 1915, Aged 78 years.
Also Frederick William White, son of the above,
Beloved husband of Elizabeth White,
Died 17th August, Aged 56 years.
Also George White, Youngest son of above,
Died 24 December 1950, Aged 67 years
Rest in Peace

Let's review the collated records tabulated below:

Lewis WHITE… what collated records say about Lewis.
1 …xiv) 1861 English Census on the ship 'Jane Goudee'. 7 Apr 1861 Luis WHITE 1837 24 Continent, Frankfort on the Main Seaman Married Thomas Hunter, Ship's master.
2 …ix) 'Himalaya' arrives Sydney 14 Mar 1865 Louis WHITE 1838 27 British Able seaman in crew - Reginald Barrett
Ship's master.
3 …xv) Marriage of Lewis Reg# 305/1866 9 Apr 1866 Lewis WHITE 1834 32 England Mariner Bachelor Bride & Groom
4 …xvi) Birth of son
Frederick William
Reg# 3254/1867
19 Jun 1867 Louis WHITE 1837 30 Germany Mariner to Margaret Graham Margaret
5 …xvii) Birth of daughter Margaret Jane
Reg# 538/1874
22 Jan 1874 Lewis WHITE 1839 35 Germany Laborer to Margaret Graham Margaret
6 …Liii) Birth of daughter
Reg# 933/1876
15 Mar 1876 Lewis WHITE 1837 39 Frankfort on the Maine Mariner to Margaret Graham Lewis
7 …xviii) Marriage of son Frederick William Reg# 709/1889 1 May 1889 Lewis WHITE - - - Wharfinger to Margaret Graham Bride & Groom
8 …xix) Marriage of daughter Isabella
Reg# 6650/1897
9 Sep 1897 Lewis WHITE - - - Wharf labourer to Margaret Graham Bride & Groom
9 …xxi) Electoral Roll: 55 Ultimo Rd Pyrmont 1903-1904 Lewis WHITE - - - Storekeeper
…xxi), …xxxii)
- -
10 …vii) Naturalisation NAA: A1, 1911/8835 18 May 1911 Lewis WHITE 17 Nov 1836 74 Frankfort Germany None Wife dead Lewis
11 …xxiv) Death of Lewis WHITE Reg# 10117/1915 11 Sep 1915 Lewis WHITE 1837 78 Germany Wool storeman, old age pensioner to Margaret Graham Sarah Hazell daughter
12 …xxvii) Headstone - Lewis WHITE - - - - to Margaret Graham -
13 …xxv) Death of son Frederick William Reg# 10532/1923 17 Aug 1923 Lewis WHITE -   - Storekeeper to Margaret Graham Hospital
14 …xxvi) Death of daughter Isabella Reg# 11768/1956 25 June 1956 Lewis WHITE -   - Seaman to Margaret Graham John A. Callaghan, son
The way forward in our research

We are fortunate that the Naturalisation record gives us an exact date of birth and a more or less detailed place of birth. However, Frankfurt am Main is a big place… we need more detail here to find the relevant archives. His spelling of Frankfurt as Frankfort suggests that Lewis spoke a Hessian dialect… which might help us locating his specific birth place. We don't know the names of his parents, let alone his actual surname. The entry "married" in the 1861 Census may have been an inaccurate entry by the ship's master? There has been the suggestions that Lewis may have been Jewish with a name like WIESEL, WIEGEL, and further possibilities include WEIGEL, WEISEL, WEISS, WEISZ; which might relate to a significant Jewish population in Frankfurt at the time of Lewis' emigration. Can we locate a direct male descendant of Lewis WHITE (with the surname WHITE) and persuade him to take a Y DNA test? This might demonstrate Lewis' Jewish ethnicity with possible Ashkenazi genes. The name Ashkenaz was applied in the Middle Ages to Jews living along the Rhine River in northern France and western Germany.

The researcher must avoid diversion by attractive red herrings such as the 14 year old Lewis WHITE, born in Germany, in an 1861 Census in Sheffield. His derived date of birth is 1847... a long way from the consensus of 1837 in the above table! This choice of record arises in the AncestryCom "hints"... so tempting to click on this unsupported hint and go on a wildgoose chase to Lewis' father Johann Philipp Weiss, born 24th March 1802 in Großen-Linden, Giessen, Hesse, Germany and all his family. We should always look for multiple support for our hypotheses before adopting them!

Another hypothesis is that our Lewis ran into trouble at home and changed his name. It was a dangerous time for the Ashkenazis! Perhaps Ludwig / Löb / Louis / Lewis WEISS might have been the German equivalent of John Smith?

If the reader of this page has information / stories / rumours on these unanswered questions, please contact me via the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.

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I have been collecting data on the CALLAGHANs since 1999 and am grateful for the contributions of the following CALLAGHAN relatives: Valerie Orton; Beverley Bellamy; Beryl, Greig, John, Michael, and Wendy Callaghan; David, Barry Strong, Deidre Green. All these people have kindly helped me gather a fair body of data on their family. Neville Bunce has kindly set me some BDM certificates and discussed the WHITE family with me. His assistance has been invaluable. Margaret Loiterton has just joined this cooperative effort and her assistance is proving valuable. Tania Sweeney has corresponded with me at length and has sent really useful material.

The Story Continues

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