E. PATFIELD (seated centre on the ground)… in the Ironclads cricket team (Newcastle).
From L to R: Back row… A.C. Bramble, E. Pritchard, E. Rodgers Esq, Hope Martin, J. Murdock.
Middle row… W.E. Bramble Jnr, C. Lock, W.E. Bramble Snr Captain, M. Riley, W. Gibson.
Front row… W. Hatton, E. Patfield, E. Adam. Note: Mascot not named in middle row.
Ironclads Cricket Club, Senior Competition Winners 1910-1911.
Given to my foster brother, Ron PATFIELD (dec) by Mrs Roma BYRNE (Late of Paterson). Ron thought that E. Patfield was his father Ernest Montague PATFIELD. However the player was a relative James Ernest PATFIELD (29/3/1888-2/7/1955), who also obtained his N.S.W. and Australian Rugby League caps when he played against the Maoris In Brisbane and Sydney, and for the Kangaroos in their fourth match against the Wallabies.
In his day he played with three first-grade cricket teams — WIckham, Ironclads, and Waratah.
In later life he played bowl as an A pennant skipper. An all round sportsman!
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Image of Monty PATFIELD  in a Paterson Cricket team.