“Brisbane Grove” across Paterson river between 1902 and 1909. Does anyone know the source of the image? Note the riverboat moored on the Paterson River and the rows of orange trees on “Brisbane Grove” towards the left bank of the river. Then see “Brisbane Grove” homestead which is partly obscured… at the far left of mid-view. By 1909-1910 this view would be obscured by the North Coast Railway bridge over the Paterson River. The first official train journey over the bridge (with engine and carriage) was made on 19 Mar 1910. Source: Sydney Morning Herald 21 Mar 1910:4. The 2 storey CBC Bank (built 1897-1902) can be seen on the corner of King St and Duke St. In the CBC locality, King St is the major road running parallel to the river.
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Image of View of “Brisbane Grove” across Paterson river between 1902 and 1910. Origin unknown.