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Appendix 7: Present-day revisiting the Zeppelin Raid

(i) Zeppelin Raid Centenary excursion by St Oswald’s Hebburn

I was really pleased to assist Peter Hepplewhite, the coordinator of this project. This was an application of LANE family history research having a real impact on the living. Peter said:

I am working with St Oswald's Primary school in Hebburn on the 15th June Raid. Your research is outstanding and I wonder if it would be possible to include aspects of this in activities I will be writing for the children. It is my intention to have the material on the school website later in the year. I would of course acknowledge your site and work. I would be happy to send you copies of anything I find but as yet I don’t think I’ve found information you haven’t already uncovered…

Peter Hepplewhite was the right person in the right place… he was a history teacher and an archives education officer… thus he knew how to do it and where to find it!

The Project attracted the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, the school, class teacher Amy Shepherd, local cemetery, library staff and historical societies. A real community effort!

Image of Robert Telford grave.Ellie McQueen takes a rubbing of the LANE headstone on the centenary of Joseph LANE's death in the Zeppelin raid. Ellie is a student of St Oswald's Primary School in Hebburn. Photo: 15 Jun 2015. Thanks for permissions (i) Tony Henderson & the Newcastle Journal to reproduce this photo (published on 16 Jun 2015; (ii) Ellie and her parents to use her image; (iii) Peter Hepplewhite (Project Coordinator) for obtaining various permissions.
Note: An unobscured view of the LANE headstone is here.

Click here to download an excursion worksheet, which has been placed in Adobe Acrobat format.
Classroom resources are on-line at the website “Zeppelin raids on north-east coast of England”.

(ii) Street art by the YMCA

There was a revival of interest in the Zeppelin event on the centenary of the end of WW2 in 2018. Murals were painted on the wall of the underpass from Jarrow bus station to the Viking Centre about August 2018. later the murals were unveiled by the Mayor in November, reported by the South Tyneside Council on 26 Nov then the Shields Gazette on 28 Nov 2018. The painters were from the Detached Youth Project, which is run by the YMCA in Jarrow. They worked with Jarrow Local History Group to research the impact of the war on Jarrow, before developing a design with artist Faye Oliver, then creating the mural with support from artist Anthony Downie. All part of the South and North Tyneside World War One Community Heritage Project, co-ordinated through the Community Arts Project North East CIC.

See the photogallery for all the images and text relating to the Zeppelin attack murals. Thumbnail images are shown below. Please click on these, for the full images within the photogallery.

Image of Park Methodist Church. Image of interior of Park Methodist Church. Image of fire in Park Methodist Church. Image of burnt Park Methodist Church. Image of interior of burnt Park Methodist Church. Image of interior of burnt Park Methodist Church.


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