FOSTER of Launceston, Australia, Chapter 9.

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Associated family: McNEIL.

Why McNEILs? The association with the FOSTER family.

Our Thomas FOSTER married Grace McNEIL. Grace was the daughter of John and Jessie McNEIL (née McLEAN). This chapter describes details of the McNEIL family, starting from Jessie McNEIL (née McLEAN. Details of Jessie’s McLEAN family are in chapter 10; and details of Thomas and Grace FOSTER are in chapter 8.

Janet McNEIL (née McLEAN)…

Jennet (Janet / Jessie) McLEAN was born on 17 Jun 1834 in Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland. She emigrated on 27 Sep 1837 from Isle of Mull at the age of 3, on the ship 'Brilliant'. Janet died in Mantle Hill, Moruya, NSW, on 4 Jul 1915; she was 81.The informant was W. Thomson (son-in-law) of Mantle Hill Moruya (at whose home she died). Buried on 5 Jul 1915 in C of E Cemetery, Moruya, NSW. Janet’s precise date of birth has been derived as follows: the year… from the age given by Janet’s parents at the time of her immigration; the day and month… from Janet’s family bible, which also confirmed the place of birth of Tobermory.

On 22 Jul 1855 when Janet was 21, she first married…J/ix) John McNEIL, son of John McNEIL, in Red Bank, Manning River District (Near Taree NSW). John was born abt 1829 in Nova Scotia, North America according to his death certificate.…J/x) He immigrated in abt 1852 at the age of 23. John’s death certificate says he was in NSW for 30 years, presumably from 1852-1882, since he was married in 1855 at Red Bank Taree NSW. John died in Taree NSW Australia, on 19 Apr 1882; he was 53. His occupation was a farmer when his children Grace…J/ix) and John…J/xi) were born, a carpenter when he died…J/x) and a shipwright when his daughter Eliza second married in 1923…J/xiv). They had 11 children.

Where did John McNEIL come from? His death certificate said his birthplace was "Nova Scotia". On the birth certificate of his first son John…J/xi), the location given by the local (Irish?) constable (Dennis Collins) seemed to be "Pickton, Scotland"! A search for "Picton" / "Pickton" in Scotland failed. Returning to Nova Scotia… a search was made for "Picton" / "Pickton" in Nova Scotia. This search failed, however, there was a "Pictou" in Nova Scotia, a town and a County which had many Scottish early settlers! On re-examination of the birth certificate, the terminal "n" in the apparent "Picton" is in fact a definite "w". Thus we have "Picktow"… a phonetic spelling by an Irish constable of how he heard a Scot who pronounced "Pictou" in 1860. I have corresponded with Richard MacNeil, who was born in Co. Pictou (a Pictonian). Richard said the present-day pronunciation of Pictou is "PICtow"… the Irish constable was right! This was further confirmed in the spelling of "Picto" in the birth certificate of his youngest child, Priscilla Harriet… this time the informant was "Jennet McNeil, Mother".

He also confirmed that Nova Scotian birth and marriage records do not go back to the date of John McNEIL’s birth in 1829. He said that there are possible ways around this in records of monumental inscriptions, farm histories, estate papers, land transactions…

Pictou is a local service centre for surrounding rural communities as well as being a primary tourist destination in Nova Scotia. In the past, its port was the receiving point for many Scottish immigrants moving to a new home in northern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island following the Highland Clearances of the late 1700s and early 1800s. Consequently, the town’s slogan is "The Birthplace of New Scotland"; the first wave of immigrants is acknowledged to have arrived on September 15, 1773, on the ‘Hector’.…J/xii)

On 22 Dec 1882 when Janet was 48, she second married J/viii) Delamore WYNTER, son of Lieutenant William WYNTER (R.N.) (1786-9 Oct 1853) & Elizabeth DUKE (1783-9 Aug 1869), in Christ Church, Sydney, NSW. Delamore was born in 1817 in Plymouth, Devonshire, England and died in Taree, NSW, on 28 May 1894 at the age of 77. He was buried on 28 May 1894 in the Taree Estate Cemetery, Taree NSW. Delamore was the first Chemist in Taree, NSW, and he built his pharmacy and residence on the block facing Victoria St and between Fotheringham Park and Commerce St. His father was the founder of Taree, and his brother-in-law Henry FLETT was responsible for the subdivision of the "Tarree Estate" which laid out the streets of Taree city.…J/vii) There were no children to this marriage.

John McNEIL was variously described as a farmer and a carpenter, who lived at Krambach, in the Taree NSW area. John died at Taree on 19 Apr 1882; he was 53…J/ix)

Did John have any other family in Australia? An obituary is reported…J/i in the Macleay Argus concerning a Kempsey John McNEIL who closely compares with "our" Taree John McNEIL! Unfortunately the Kempsey McNEIL did not have details of his parents in his death or marriage certificates and his birthplace was either Canada or a blank!…J/xiii) Notwithstanding, perhaps the two McNEILs were related? See the table below:


John McNEIL Kempsey Taree
DOB c1828 c1829
Immigrated from Nova Scotia c1862 c1852
Occupation Shipwright Carpenter
Death 1902, Kempsey 1882, Taree

Our John made himself significant to his McLEAN in-laws at their Oxley Island farms (near Taree on the Manning River). He was described as: "Name of Undertaker: John McNEIL In Charge of burial" for three McLEAN in-laws.…J/ ii, iii, iv)

Janet died on 4 Jul 1915 at Moruya NSW.…J/v) Her obituary…J/v) said: "DEATH— On Sunday morning last sat the residence of her daughter, Mrs W. Thomson, Mrs Wynter, a native of the Manning River, passed quietly away at the advanced age of 78 years. The deceased had been a sufferer for the last 5 years from rheumatism, during which time she was tenderly nursed by her daughter, with whom she has resided for 9 year, but the ultimate cause of her death was due to heart failure.
Deceased leaves four sons and five daughters, all, with the exception of Mrs Thomson, residing on the Manning River. The remains were interred on the following day in the C. of E. Cemetery, the Rev Mr Rix officiating at the graveside."

Under construction.… can you help?

J—— Janet McNEIL (née McLEAN)…
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Brief Descendant Report

John and Janet McNEIL had the following children:

i. Grace (1856-1944). ii. Mary Ann (1859-1935). iii. John (1860-1930). iv. Allan (1862-1927). v. Neil (~1865-1946). vi. Annie (Ann) (1865-1937). vii. Janet (1867-1949). viii. Eliza (1869-1958). ix. Elizabeth Sarah (1873-1948). x. Alexander (Alick) (1875-1948). xi. Priscilla Harriet (1877-1878).


i. Grace McNEIL

See chapter 8 for details.

ii. Mary Ann McNEIL

Image of elderly Mary Ann BELL.Mary Ann BELL.
Courtesy: Lynne Sanders.

Mary Ann McNEIL was born on 27 Jun 1859 in Taree,vNSW…M/i), ii), iv). Mary Ann died in Laurieton, NSW, on 8 Nov 1935; she was 76…M/i). She was buried in the Laurieton General Cemetery. She resided at Tweed Heads from about 1878, and then moved to Laurieton, NSW, where she lived until her death. Her occupations were nurse, midwife and boarding-house keeper…M/i), ii). On 27 Jun 1878 when Mary Ann was 19, she married John BELL in Taree, NSW…M/vi), viii) It has been suggested that John was born in 1850 in Williams River, NSW…M/i). John died in Taree, NSW, in 1919; he was 69 (?)…M/ix).

Mary Ann’s headstone was most unusual! The local Laurieton Rotary Club bought her headstone, and arranged a public commemoration of her life and a dedication of her headstone about 40 years after her death. The inscription reads: "Dedicated to the memory of M.A. (Granny) Bell. Died November 8, 1935, aged 76. A "legend in her lifetime" for dedicated service as nurse, midwife and friend to the people of the Camden Haven district 1892-1935. Erected by the Rotary Club of Laurieton". See the “Australian Cemeteries” photo of this headstone. The dedication ceremony was described in a newspaper article about 52 years after her death. See the transcription below:

Image of M.A. BELL’s guesthouse.Mary Ann BELL’s guesthouse.
Photo: courtesy of Lynne Sanders.

The "Granny Bell" Story — A Piece of Early Laurieton History.
This is the story of a remarkable woman, Mrs M.A. Bell, more affectionately known as "Granny", who was a legend in her lifetime. Born at Taree on June 27, 1859. she married John Bell in 1878 and from this union came a family of nine children: James, Norman, Anne, Janet, Mary, Roy, Elizabeth and William (the article forgot Donald).
Shortly after her marriage they settled on the Tweed River, where, for a number of years, they engaged in cane farming until her husband suffered an unfortunate accident which rendered him an invalid and they moved to Laurieton in 1892.
To supplement their earnings, and to support their large family, "Granny" conducted a boarding house and established herself as a professional nurse and midwife, and it was in this calling that she became a legend to all. It would be impossible to narrate the many things that "Granny" did in these early days, for without doctors, and the only transport being horse, buggy or boat, she was undaunted in her efforts to reach a sick bed.
She waded through flood water, crossed flooded rivers by boat, and travelled for miles in an open sulky to reach the sick, attend an accident or bringing a child into the world.
She was always among the first to arrive at a stricken household, carrying out all that was required to be done without fee or reward. "Granny" will always be remembered, not only as a professional nurse, but on who, on many occasions left her own sick bed, unselfishly spending hours with a bereaved family.
Her self-sacrice will always be remembered and cherished with feelings of grateful admiration and undying gratitude by all whom she befriended.
Mrs M. Gibson of Kendall recalls "I knew "Granny" very well and have many scars on my body from cuts and also from a fractured skull patched with horse hair, large needle and bandages for me to always remember this great woman".
There is no doubt that this strenuous and self-sacrificing labour on behalf of others had much to do with sowing the seed of the full complaint that eventually brought about her death.
In 1904, for her many good deeds she was presented with an illuminated address signed by more than 80 residents, and it was these deeds that no doubt, led the officiating Minister at her graveside in 1935 to liken "Granny" to Florence Nightingale. To pay homage to this remarkable woman, many residents, both young and old from the Camden have District and from all parts of the state attended the Laurieton Cemetery on Saturday, January 25, 1975 for the Dedication Service.
The service was conducted by the Presbyterian Minister Reverend H. Sharp, and supported by the President of Laurieton Rotary, Mr Doug Mathieson, the member for Oxley, Mr Bruce Cowan and Mr A.E. Debenham, a retired Sydney magistrate who spent many years living in Laurieton and is the author of many books, one being "Without Fear of Favour" wherein he refers to "Granny" and the wonderful work done by her in the Camden Haven.
The Leader thanks the Rotary Club of Laurieton for making this story available.
Photograph shows Mr A.E. Debenham reading an address about "Granny" Bell. Others identifiable in the picture (from right to left) Ted Vaughan, Bruce Cowan (then member for Oxley), Mr F. Norrie and Mr W. Poole (Hastings Shire Councillors).…M/ii), iii)

Mary Ann’s obituary at the time of her death said:

Mrs M.A. Bell. As briefly mentioned last week Mrs M.A. Bell passed away at her home at Laurieton, following an illness of some months. Deceased was a daughter of the late John and Janet McNEIL (née McLEAN) and was born at Taree 76 years ago. At the age of 19 she was married to the late John BELL, at Taree. She leaves a family of 5 sons and 4 daughters, viz., Messrs. James BELL (Wingham, Norman (Newcastle), Donald and Roy (Laurieton), William (Sydney), and Mesdames S. WITCHARD and T. McLENNAN (Laurieton), J. JOHNSTONE (Bangalow), and J WELLS (Cessnock). The surviving brothers and sisters of deceased are Messrs. Neil McNEIL (Taree) and Alex. (Krambach), and Mesdames FOSTER (Taree), THOMPSON (Hamilton), ANDERSON and LAYTE (Sydney) and MOYNA (Brisbane). Two brothers (John and Allan) predeceased her. Soon after her marriage she went with her husband to the Tweed River, where, for a number of years, her husband engaged in cane farming. Forty years ago they removed to Laurieton, and resided there for the rest of their lives. Shortly after their arrival at Laurieton, Mrs Bell adopted the calling of a professional nurse. In carrying out her duties she frequently waded knee-deep through flood waters, and often had to be carried through pouring rain on dark night, and at times afterwards cross a flooded river by boat to reach a sickbed. On other occasions, before the days of cars, she had to leave her bed, in similar weather and travel for miles in an open sulky. In cases of sickness or death she was a friend to all within her reach, and in speaking at the graveside, Mr Neil McLeod likened her to Florence Nightingale, in that her whole life was spent in going about doing good. The remains were laid to rest beside those of her husband in the Presbyterian portion of Laurieton cdemetery. Mr. Neil McLeod, Home Missionary, officiated at both Church and graveside. The funeral arrangements were in the hands of Mr S.A. Bridge.…M/ii)

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M—— Mary Ann BELL (née McNEIL)…
   M/i) The "Granny Bell" story. The Laurieton(??) Leader; date unknown. Newpapers published in Laurieton include the Laurieton Leader (15 Jun-1 Jul 1987), then the Local Leader (12 Aug-25 Oct 1987). Kindly provided by Lynne Sanders.
    M/ii) Obituary: M.A. Bell. Northern Champion; 20 Nov 1935. Note: This 1935 obituary contains the similar biographical material (and wording!) as the 1987(?) article transcribed above. Additional material in the obituary was the names and locations of Mary Ann’s children and siblings.
    M/iii) Debenham, A.E. Without fear or favour: the biography of a career. Edwards & Shaw, Sydney; 1966; 22.
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   M/viii) Pers. comm. Lynne Sanders.
   M/ix) Death: John BELL. Reg# 1919/11685. Registrar of BDM, NSW.


Descendancy Report for Mary Ann and John BELL.

iii. John McNEIL

John McNEIL was born on 30 April 1860 at Redbank, Manning River, NSW…JO/vi). John was accidentally drowned at Belbora, NSW, on 12 Jun 1930; he was aged 70. He was buried on 24 Jun 1930 in the Presbyterian Section of Krambach cemetery, NSW…JO/vii), JO/i-iv). In 1898 when John was 38, he married Louisa G. ALDER, daughter of William ALDER & Sarah SERGEANT, in Taree NSW…JO/viii). Louisa was born in 1882…JO/vx, and was thought to have died in about 1905, at the age of 23…JO/i). No certain record of her death or details of her children has been found…JO/x)… perhaps Louisa left her husband?

  • They may have had the following children…JO/vi) JO/x) :
  • i. Evelyn A. (1900-) |
  • ii. Azel (1902-) |
  • iii. Clorine M. (1904-) |

John lived at Krambach at the time of his death in 1930…JO/ix). John’s brother Neil McNEIL gave evidence at the inquest into John’s death, which gives insight into how John lived at that time. He said…JO/i):
"… deceased was his brother. He had seen him alive about 16th March at Taree. He was in good health. Deceased was 70 years of age. He was a married man and his wife was dead." As far as witness knew, "he had no family. He lost his wife 25 years ago (giving an unconfirmed date of death of Louisa of abt 1905). He was drawing the pension and resided on Robert McRae’s property at Belbora, near Krambach". ... then refers to "communicating with his sister-in-law Mrs Geo Martin of Krambach".... also later he was told by his “nephew (Lal McNeil) that the body had been found".

The local paper gave the details…JO/iii):
"Mr John McNEILL, brother to Mr. Neil McNeil of Taree, met his death under tragic circumstances at Belbora, a few miles beyond Krambach, on the Gloucester road. It appears that on Wednesday, 11 June, the late Mr McNeil went into Krambach and stayed the night. The next afternoon at about 4:30 he boarded a service car and was driven back to Belbora. He left the car in the vicinity of Mr W.P. Easton’s property at Belbora, with the intention of walking to his camp, at Mr Bob McRae’s property, where he had been working. It was dark when he set off for his camp and that was the last time he was seen alive. His camp was about a mile away from where he left the car.
When his absence was noted, some anxiety was felt for his safety, particularly when he did not turn up in a few days. Police and search parties of civilians looked for him in vain until Monday afternoon last, when his body was discovered by Mr. White, a farmer, in a dam, which was surrounded by reeds. This spot is some distance off the track he should have taken to reach his camp. but it is thought that he may have gone out of his way to visit an old friend.
On Sunday a band of about 80 searchers, including district police and about 20 horsemen, combed the locality in the vicinity of the camp. but found no trace of the missing man. The dam was not thoroughly searched until Monday, when the body was discovered.
Deceased was 70 years of age and was well known on the Manning and Wallamba. Mrs Foster, senr., of Taree is a sister.
On Tuesday morning the Coroner (Mr Hubert Flett) accompanied by Sgt. Reilly, went to Krambach to hold an inquest, and after hearing the evidence the Coroner returned a verdict of accidental death by drowning.
On Tuesday afternoon the remains were interred in the Presbyterian portion of the Krambach cemetery. Mr. S.A. Bridge carried out the funeral arrangements."

JO—— John McNEIL…
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iv. Allan McNEIL

Allan McNEIL was born in 1862 in the Manning River District. Allan died in Taree, NSW, on 13 Sep 1927; he was 65. He was buried in the Krambach Cemetery, NSW. In 1885 when Allan was 23, he married Jannet / Jeanett / Janet /EASTON, youngest daughter of Robert EASTON (15 Oct 1811—7 Mar 1896) & Elizabeth FROUDE (11 Feb 1829—2 Apr 1905), in Taree. Jannet was born on 1 Mar 1868 in the Manning River District and died in the Manning River District Hospital, Taree, NSW, on 27 Sep 1950 at the age of 82, and was buried on 29 Sep 1950 in Krambach Presbyterian Cemetery, NSW.

Frost…A/ii) devotes chapter 11 of his book to Allan and Jannet and their family, with many photos. He says: "Jannet grew up at Dry Creek, and is listed amongst the children enrolled at Larry’s Flat school when it opened in 1880. Shortly after their marriage, Allan and Jannet bought a property just west of Krambach called "City View", where they spent the rest of their lives. This was a mixed farm, raising pigs, poultry and cattle. As well as running the farm, Allan drove the royal mail coach between Gloucester and Taree for many years. He also had a four horse waggon which he used to carry supplies to the Krambach area from Bullock wharf."

After Allan's death, the electoral rolls show that Janet lived at Krambach in 1930 to 1949, surrounded by her children who also lived at Krambach… including Allan junior, Horace Edgar & his wife Dorothy Grace, Harold and William.

Janet McNEIL’s obituary…A/i) A/i) says:
"Obituary Mrs Janet McNEIL. The Krambach district lost one of its oldest identities on Wednesday night when Mrs Janet McNEIL passed away in the M.R.D. Hospital. On the previous Monday week she broke her hip when she fell at her home. Mrs McNEIL was a member of the well-known EASTON family, her parents being the late Mr and Mrs Robert EASTON, of Dry Creek, Krambach. She was born at Krambach 82 years ago, and spent practically all her life in that district. Her husband, the late Allan McNEIL, passed away 23 years ago. The subject of this notice was held in the highest esteem. She possessed a kindly, hospitable nature, and was always ready to help her neighbours when sickness or other misfortunes befell them. The following children survive her: Messrs. William, Allan, Harold and Horace McNEIL (all of Krambach), Stanley (Lambton), Christina (Mrs McRAE, Belbora), Elizabeth (Mrs Reg CLINCH, Wingham) and May (Mrs McBAIN, Mt George). One son, George, of Krambach, predeceased her. The only surviving member of her own family is a brother, Mr James EASTON, of Gloucester. The following brothers and sisters predeceased her: Robert EASTON (Burrell Creek), George (Brown’s Creek, Firefly), William (Belbora), Helen (Mrs Thomas PATERSON, Larry’s Flat), Ann (Mrs Geo. MARTIN (Krambach), Susan (Mrs Don CAMERON, Wang Wauk) and Elizabeth (Mrs William PATERSON, Krambach). At 11 a.m. on Friday a service was conducted at the Presbyterian Church at Krambach, following which the remains were laid to rest in the Krambach cemetery. Rev. P.E. Lucock conducted the services at the church and graveside, and Mr W.T. Howard carried out the funeral arrangements."

Under construction.… can you help?

A—— Allan McNEIL…
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Descendancy Report for Allan and Jannet McNEIL.

v. Neil McNEIL

Neil McNEIL was born about 1865 in Redbank, near Taree, NSW…N/iii), iv). Neil died in Chatham NSW, on 7 Jun 1946; he was 81 and was buried on 8 Jul 1946 in Presbyterian Section, Krambach Cemetery NSW…N/iii), v). Neil was employed as a labourer with Taree Municipal Council…N/iii). In 1892 when Neil was 27, he married Mary Jane MARTIN, daughter of George Joash MARTIN (28 Nov 1843—28 Sept 1914) & Ann EASTON (22 Apr 1846—9 Aug 1926), in Krambach, NSW…N/ii), vi), vii). Mary was born on 30 Aug 1870 at Burrell Creek, Manning Valley District, NSW. Mary Jane died on 9 (5?) Mar 1953 in the Manning River District Hospital; she was 82 and was buried on 11 Mar 1953 in Krambach Presbyterian Cemetery, NSW…N/ii), vii). See here for the “Australian Cemeteries Index” photo of their gravestone.

Frost described Neil's employment: "… worked as a driver of the mail coach for the contractor, John H. Single. The contract was for the conveyance of mail by a four horse coach between Taree, Gloucester and Tinonee for the sum of £300 per year. In later years, Neil worked at the lime quarry in Taree."…N/ii) In Neil's semi-retirement he described himself as a caretaker when he lived at the Taree Showground in 1930, and also when he lived at Beaton's Parade in 1936 & 1943. After Neil's death in 1946, his wife Mary Jane then lived at 18 Bent street Taree in 1949…N/viii).

Neil’s obituary…N/i) said :
"Mr Neil McNEILL. An old identity of the Taree district, in the person of Mr. Neil McNeil, passed away at his home at Chatham at 5 a.m. on Friday. About 18 months ago he suffered a stroke. A son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John McNeil, he was born at Redbank 81 years ago and spent his boyhood there. Mr McNeil was always keenly interested in horses, and as a young man he became a drover of mail coaches; first between Raymond Terrace, Gloucester and Taree, and subsequently from Taree and Kempsey. About 53 years ago he was married to Miss Mary Jane Martin, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs George Martin, of Krambach. The first two years of their married life were spent at Krambach, and then Mr McNeil drove the Wauchope-Port Macquarie mails for about five years. He then made his home in Taree and spent the rest of his life here, the last 17 at Chatham. During his residence in Taree he worked for the Municipal Council for some years. The late Mr. McNeil possessed a bright, happy disposition, and had many warm friends in all parts of the district. He is survived by Mrs. McNeil. There were no children of the union. Mr. Alex McNeil is a brother, and the surviving sisters are Mesdames Layt (Sydney). E. Moyna (Sydney), and Thompson (Adamstown). The following brothers and sisters predeceased him: Allan and John McNeil (Krambach), Mesdames Grace Foster (Taree), M.A. Bell (Laurieton) and A. Anderson (Sydney). The funeral will move from Mr. W.T. Howard’s private chapel at noon today, following a short service for the Krambach cemetery, where the interment service is timed to commence at 1 p.m. Rev. M.C. Ramsay will conduct the services."

Under construction.… can you help?

N—— Neil McNEIL…
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    N/viii) Electoral Rolls.


vi. Annie McNEIL

Annie (Ann) McNEIL was born on 10 Sep 1865…AA/iii), xi). Annie died in Randwick, NSW, in 1937; she was 71…AA/iv). On 23 Jan 1884 when Annie (Ann) was 18, she married William Leighton ANDERSON, son of James ANDERSON & Elizabeth LEIGHTON, in St Paul’s Church, Taree, NSW…AA/v). William was born on 21 Mar 1859 in Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland…AA/vi), vii), xi)and died in Lidcombe State Hospital & Home, Lidcombe, NSW, on 6 Jan 1932; he was 72. William was buried on 8 Jan 1932 in the Presbyterian Cemetery Rookwood, NSW…AA/vii).

William was recorded in the Scotland Censuses in Old Machar Aberdeen (1861) and then in 10 Links street, Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen (1871). His father James was a piano maker, who died between 1868 and 1871…AA/xii).

Shortly after William emigrated to Sydney Australia, and was described as as a 14 year old apprentice member of the crew on the "Sir William Wallace"… arriving on 23 Oct 1874…AA/xiii). 11 years later his younger brother James also emigrated to Australia. More detail is needed on William's seafaring career between his apprenticeship and his description at his death as a "master mariner"…AA/vii). A search was made in the lists of crew arriving at Sydney, without definite conclusions. When he married Annie at Taree he was described as a seaman with a usual place of residence of Taree…AA/v).

We can trace William's movements by the BDM records in his family. He married in Taree in 1884. His first 3 children were born in Taree (1884, 86, 88). His 4th child was b. 1890 (Waterloo, Sydney) & d.1891 (Newcastle). 5th child b. 1891 (Newcastle) & d. 1893 (Ultimo, Sydney). 6th child b. 1893 Wickham, Newcastle). 7th child b.1895 (Ultimo, Sydney).

William was a “seaman on dredge”, when his youngest child Irene was born in 1901 at Shaw (sic) street (actually Shore street) Moruya…AA/xiv). He continued to live at Moruya at least until 1905…AA/xix). In 1902 Annie’s younger sister Elizabeth married William John THOMSON at the “Home of William Leighton Anderson, Gundary, Moruya, NSW”…AA/viii), x). Gundary was a low-lying location on the southern bank of the Moruya River, just west of Moruya town. Shore street extended from Gundary to Moruya along the river bank. The Moruya end of this street ended at Ford street, the previous location of the town wharf…AA/xvi), xvii), xviii), xx), where William would probably go to work. All of this area is known as Moruya today, Gundary is known to locals by places such as parks and ovals, and Shore street remains only as two separated sections.

Moruya river was initially dredged in 1881. These early efforts were undone in the great flood of 1898…AA/xviii). William probably commenced work on the dredge shortly after this flood as an employee of the Harbours and Rivers Branch of the Public Works Department…AA/xvii). Each dredging operation typically "involved a dredge, a tug and at least two barges, the cost borne by the State"…AA/xviii). William left Moruya before 1910…AA/ix).

When William ANDERSON died in 1932, he was late of Ultimo, NSW…AA/vii). The 1930 electoral roll tells us that he lived at 282 Bulwarra street Ultimo, occupation retired…AA/ix). However, his death certificate gave his occupation as master mariner, old-age pensioner…AA/vii).

The family notices of William's death tell us about his children and his occupation:
DEATHS. ANDERSON — January 6 1932. William Leighton Anderson beloved husband of Annie Anderson of 282 Bulwarra road Ultimo aged 72 years. Late of Harbour and Rivers Newcastle. Newcastle papers, please copy.
FUNERALS. ANDERSON— The Relatives and Friends of Mrs Annie Anderson, Mr and Mrs William Anderson Ultimo, Mr and Mrs J Goddard and family Mascot, Mr and Mrs Norman Anderson and family Ultimo, Mr Stanley Anderson and family Camperdown, Mr and Mrs Albert Anderson and family Carlton, Mr and Mrs Thomas Grainger and family Merewether Newcastle, Mr W L Anderson (deceased) are invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved husband their father and grandfather William Leighton Anderson to leave 282 Bulwarra road Ultimo tomorrow Friday at 2 pm for Presbyterian Cemetery Rookwood bv road. Funeral train leaves Mortuary Station 1.52 pm…AA/xv).

The death notice showed that a significant amount of William's working life was spent with the "Harbour and Rivers Newcastle", which would be the Harbours and Rivers Branch of the Public Works Department. The P.W.D. retained control of this area until 1958.

There are no further records until 1930 & 1932 when William lived at 282 Bulwarra street Ultimo. A bit difficult to work out his story! It is also quite possible that William was involved in the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

In 1930, Annie moved to 14 Dick street Randwick, NSW… she was on both the Ultimo and Randwick rolls in 1930 AA/ix). At that stage William was probably in Lidcombe State Hospital due to his old age. She remained at 14 Dick street until she died in 1937…AA/iv), ix).

Under construction.… can you help?

AA—— Annie ANDERSON (née McNEIL)…
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    Thanks to Eric Wilson… the opportunity of exchanging certificates and information was greatly appreciated. Thanks also to the Moruya Historical Society… in particular Janene Love, for helping me in a very productive day's visit to their library. Belinda Allen has kindly sent photos and certificates and is locating photos of Annie ANDERSON.

Descendancy Report for Annie and William Leighton ANDERSON.


vii. Janet McNEIL

Image of Janet LAYT (née M<sup>c</sup>NEIL.Janet LAYT (née McNEIL),
Courtesy: Eileen Willis.

Janet McNEIL was born on 17 Sep 1867 in Purfleet, NSW…JL/i) JL/i), JL/iv). Janet died in 3 Paine St, Kogarah, NSW, on 6 Jun 1949; she was 81, and was buried on 8 Jun 1949 in the C of E section of the Woronora Cemetery, Sutherland, NSW…JL/ii). On 8 Nov 1898 when Janet was 31, she married Alfred Ernest LAYT, son of Frederick William LAYT & Susannah ASKEW, at Castle Mountain, Quirindi, NSW…JL/iii), iv). Alfred was born on 3 May 1871 in 294 Botany Rd, Waterloo NSW…JL/v). Alfred died in 3 Paine St, Kogarah, NSW, on 2 Mar 1944; he was 72…JL/vi). He enlisted on 5 Apr 1917 in the WWI at age 44, in A.I.F. 1st Pioneer Battalion…JL/vii).

In their early marriage, Alfred & Janet lived in the Newtown area. In 1909 to 1911 they lived at 74 Wells street, then at "Como" Alice avenue, finally at 86 Goodsell St, Newtown, NSW, 1916 to 1918…JL/viii), when Alfred enlisted on 5 Apr 1917…JL/vii). They subsequently lived at 9 Willison road Carlton in 1930, then moved to #50 in the same street about 1936. Just before Alfred's death in 1944 they were recorded at 3 Paine street Kogarah. Alfred’s occupations included farmer, carpenter, tile layer…JLviii).

When Janet died in 1949, she was still living in her family home of 3 Paine street Kogarah…JL/ii), viii).

Under construction.… can you help?

JL—— Janet LAYT (née McNEIL)…
     JL/i) Birth: Jane McNEAL. Reg# 1867/10898. Registrar of BDM, NSW.
     JL/ii) Death: Janet LAYT. Reg# 1949/11717. Registrar of BDM, NSW.
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     JL/vii) WWI service record of Alfred Ernest LAYT. National Archives of Australia.
     JL/viii) Electoral Rolls.

Descendancy Report for Janet and Alfred Ernest LAYT.

viii. Eliza McNEIL, later ANDERSON, later MOYNA. Also James ANDERSON & Joseph MOYNA.

Eliza McNEIL was born on 25 Dec 1869 in Taree, NSW …E/i). She died in Bondi, NSW, in Jun 1958 at the age of 88, and was buried on 25 Jun 1958 in the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium, NSW …E/ii). On 26 Dec 1888 when Eliza was 19, she first married James ANDERSON, son of James ANDERSON & Elizabeth LEIGHTON, in the "Residence of Delamore Wynter", Taree NSW. Delamore was Eliza’s stepfather (since 1882) and "Janet Wynter, mother of the bride, gave consent to the marriage" …E/iii).

James was born on 21 Aug 1863 in Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland …E/iv), E/xiii. He died in 13 Cook St, Lewisham, NSW, on 16 Oct 1924; he was 61, and was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery Rookwood, NSW …E/v). He was recorded in the 1871 UK Census at 10 Links street Saint Nicholas Aberdeen…E/xiii). He emigrated to Sydney Australia on the SS "Bombay" as a 22 year old painter from Aberdeen, a single man who could read and write and of Presbyterian religion …E/iv). He was subsequently employed as a dredge employee on the Wallamba River near Taree …E/iv).

Eliza and James subsequently divorced in 1921…E/xv) and James died 3 years afterwards …E/v). On 24 Nov 1923 when Eliza was 53, Eliza ANDERSON (divorced housemaid) second married Joseph MOYNA (bachelor moulder) in Newtown Registrar's Office NSW. At that time, she lived at 3 Newman St Newtown and Joseph lived at 61 Brighton St Petersham…E/vi). Joseph was born about 1881 at Christchurch NZ, the son ofJoseph MOYNA and Maria CULLINAN…E/vi), E/vii). Electoral records show that he was employed as an iron worker and a moulder …E/viii). When Joseph was aged 34 in 1916 (during WWI), he worked for the Steel Company of Australia, Allen St, Pyrmont…E/ix). This address was right next to 282 Bulwarra street Ultimo, the home of Eliza's sister Annie ANDERSON who was married to William Leighton ANDERSON (her husband James' brother)…E/viii). Presumabxy Joseph MOYNA met Eliza in this area. After their marriage, they moved to Brisbane Qld in about 1935…E/i), then to Bowen Qld in 1936,1937, when Joseph became a tobacco farmer …E/viii). Note that Federal government support for the Australian tobacco growing industry commenced in 1936, with the introduction of the Local Leaf Content Scheme (LLCS) which encouraged the manufacturers to use at least a minimum percentage of locally grown leaf…E/xi). In spite of this support, the MOYNAs gave farming away and returned to 8 Rose street Balmain, Sydney in 1943, when Joseph was again described as a moulder…E/viii). By this stage Eliza was aged 74 and Joseph was 61. Perhaps Eliza felt she was too old for tobacco farming?

Eliza and Joseph subsequently separated. Joseph was then on the Perth Western Australian Electoral rolls in 1949, and Eliza was at 65 Wellington street Bondi Beach NSW in the same year…E/viii). Perhaps Joseph saw opportunity in WA as a tobacco farmer and Eliza would not be in it!

Experimental tobacco farming began in Western Australia during the 1920s. The State government hoped to encourage the establishment of a particularly lucrative cash crop in the South West. With the outbreak of the Second World War tobacco production peaked in 1942-43 at which time 639 hectares were under cultivation. From this high point the industry went into a steady decline.…E/xvii)

Joseph died shortly after at "Sunset" Nedlands, Perth after living at 18 Court-street, Highgate Perth, on 27 May 1951 at the age of 69, with only his local friends to remember him…E/xii). He was buried at in the RC section of Karrakatta Cemetery…E/xvi). Eliza lived on in the Bondi area, now at 83 Roscoe street in 1954, 1958…E/viii), where she died in June 1958 at the age of 88…E/ii).

Under construction.… can you help?

E——Eliza McNEIL, later ANDERSON, later MOYNA. Also James ANDERSON & Joseph MOYNA.
     E/i) Birth: Eliza McNEIL. Reg# 1870/11538. Registrar of BDM, NSW. .
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      Western perspectives on a nation: Tobacco. See here.

Descendancy Report for Eliza & James ANDERSON & also Joseph MOYNA.


ix. Elizabeth Sarah THOMSON (née McNEIL)… and William John THOMSON.

Elizabeth Sarah McNEIL was born on 14 Nov 1873, probably on the Manning River…E/i), viii). Elizabeth died in Hamilton, NSW, in 1948; she was 75…ET/ii). On 26 Feb 1902 when Elizabeth Sarah was 29, she married William John THOMSON, son of Henry THOMSON (6 Aug 1846-4 Jul 1899) & Eliza HANCOCK (30 Aug 1846-16 Jul 1928)…ET/iii), in the "Home of William Leighton Anderson", Gundary, Moruya, NSW…ET/iii). William THOMSON was born in 1875 in Araluen, NSW…ET/iii) and died in 1953 at Newcastle, NSW at the age of 78…ET/iv.

Elizabeth's mother Jessie lived with Elizabeth for 9 years before her death in 1915. Jessie’s son-in-law was the  informant… W. Thomson, of Mantle Hill Moruya.  "On Sunday morning last at the residence of her daughter, Mrs W. Thomson, Mrs Wynter, a native of the Manning River, passed quietly away at the advanced age of 78 years.  The deceased had been a sufferer for the last 5 years from rheumatism, during which time she was tenderly nursed by her daughter, with whom she has resided for 9 year, but the ultimate cause of her death was due to heart failure." The witnesses at Jessie's burial included a H.J. Thomson, William John Thomson’s oldest sibling (Henry James Thomson)…ET/v), vi). As a side issue, H.J. Thomson was a very prominent Moruya citizen. He was a butcher and grazier, and his business received the #1 phone number when the phone was connected. He was written up many times in the Moruya Examiner…ET/ix)…a) & b. Unfortunately for us, there appeared to be no articles about his younger brother William.

In 1930 Elizabeth and William were recorded at "Glengarry" Learmonth street, Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW. In 1937 they lived at 4 Victoria street, Adamstown, NSW, where Elizabeth remained…ET/vii) until she died in 1948…ET/ii). William was still recorded at 4 Victoria street in 1949…ET/vii), and he died in 1953 when his death was registered at Newcastle…ET/iv). No document has given his occupation.

Under construction.… can you help?

ET—— Elizabeth Sarah THOMSON (née McNEIL)… and William John THOMSON.
     ET/i) Birthday: Elizabeth Sarah McNEIL. Janet McLEAN’s family bible, owned by Penelope LUCK. (14 Nov)
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     ET/vii) Electoral rolls.
     ET/viii) Death: John McNeil. Reg#1882/8881.Registrar of BDM, NSW.
      (Ages of children gave the year of birth of Elizabeth Sarah McNEIL… necessary since her birth was not registered).
     ET/ix) H.J. THOMSON. Moruya Examiner; Moruya NSW;
        a) Butcher and grazier: 8 Jul 1905.
        b) Allocated #1 phone: 14 Oct 1911.  
Thanks to the Moruya Historical Society… in particular Janene Love, for helping me in a very productive day's visit to their library.

Descendancy Report for Elizabeth Sarah and William John THOMSON.

Some information below is subject to further cross-checking.


x. Alexander (Alick) McNEIL

Alexander (Alick / Alex) McNEIL was born in 1875 in the Manning River District, NSW…A/i), ii). Alex's death was registered at Liverpool, Sydney, NSW, in 1948; he was 73…A/iii). The 1935 obituary of Alick’s sister Mary Ann said he lived in Krambach NSW…A/iv); and the 1944 obituary of Alex’s sister, Grace, said that he lived at Chatham…A/v).

Under construction.… can you help?

A—— Alexander (Alick) McNEIL…
     A/i) Birth: Alexander McNEIL. Reg# 1875/14126. Registrar of BDM, NSW.
     A/ii) Birthday: Alexander McNEIL. Janet McLEAN’s family bible, owned by Penelope LUCK.
     A/iii) Death: Alexander McNEIL. Reg# 1948/29787. Registrar of BDM, NSW.
     A/iv) Obituary: Mrs M.A. Bell. 1935; Northern Champion; 20 Nov 1935.
     A/v) Obituary. Mrs Grace FOSTER. Northern Champion, 6 Dec 1944.

xi. Priscilla McNEIL

Priscilla Harriet McNEIL was born on 26 Nov 1876 at Taree, NSW…P/i). Priscilla died about the age of one year and 4 months on 11 Apr 1878, at Taree, NSW. Her death was due to diarrhoea for 3 weeks, now preventible by modern medicine. The "medical attendant" who signed the death certificate was D. Wynter…P/ii), who was the Taree pharmacist with some medical training in England. Delamore WYNTER married Janet McNEIL almost 5 years later.

P—— Priscilla McNEIL…
     P/i) Birth: Priscilla McNEIL. Reg# 1877/14829. Registrar of BDM, NSW.
     P/ii) Death: Priscilla McNEIL. Reg# 1878/7108. Registrar of BDM, NSW.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Lynne Sanders (BELL family) who forwarded some valuable photos, and information. Gloria Toohey, Research Officer of the Manning Wallamba FHS was most helpful in obtaining copies of newspaper articles. Thanks to Eric Wilson (ANDERSON family) and Eileen WILLIS (LAYT family)… the opportunity of exchanging certificates and information was greatly appreciated, and provided the motivation to complete the task. Most recently, Jan Easton has kindly sent much information on the Allan and Neil McNEIL families.


It would be great if descendants of the McNEILs, or people with knowledge of this family, could make contact with me. See the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.

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