The STRONGs of Ulster, Ireland, Chapter 11

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David STRONG's child: Robert George David STRONG part 1.

Robert George David STRONG

I have resisted publication of detailed information on deceased parents of present living generations, since that would indirectly give information about the living. My father's biography below is the exception and I have obtained approval of the living relatives mentioned.

Birth Death and Marriage Data
Summary of Robert's Life as a Minister

The "Year Book of the Diocese of Sydney" (Church of England) and other sources list Robert STRONG as follows:

Memoir of Robert George David STRONG

The "Memoir" has reached only a first draft stage and will be put on-line when it receives approval of all involved. Any contributions to this page would be gratefully received. Please see my contact details at the bottom of this page. In the meanwhile I include a photo below of the impressive Berry Rectory where my father served from 31 Aug, 1933 - 1 Oct, 1936. The Rectory was sold to a private family in 1994.

Berry RectoryBerry Rectory.
Photo: PD Strong 2005.

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