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This appendix contains supporting data for the preceding chapter 5, including problem photos. An appeal is made to the kind reader who might be able to help with identification and further information.

Appendix 4 : The PRESLANDs… family of Minnie PRESLAND née ROSE

There are three problem photos beneath. Can anybody help who is associated with the PRESLANDs or past students at Vacy School? See photos below

Possible photo of Minnie ROSE with her twin sister as a young woman…

Judy Soper…3) kindly sent a photo of two "Unknown Ladies" below… possibly of the twins Alice Maud (L) & Minnie (R). This photo came from the Thomas and Dora SOPER family, presumably via their son Edward Percival SOPER, who cared for his father Thomas when he died. Unfortunately no names are written on the back. Looking at the woman on the left of “Unknown Ladies”, we can suggest similarities with a separate photo of Alice Maud here. Note the little “fold” (inferior tarsal fold of the lower eyelid) beneath the eyes, similarities in hair colour & texture and also forehead shape. The women in “Unknown Ladies” could be close sisters… since they appear to have the same brooches, same pearl necklaces, similar tops and similar ages. I am hoping that someone might have a similar photo which has been identified? Can anyone help?

Image of possibly Alice Maud ROSE SOPER & Minnie ROSE SOPER— G. Kelly Photo Dungog. Courtesy of Judy Soper “Unknown Ladies”— G. Kelly Photo Dungog. Courtesy of Judy Soper, from the Velma SOPER collection.
Note: Edward Percival SOPER (brother of Alice and Minnie) used the same photographer & the same frame.
“Unknown Ladies” was in the same collection as Alice & Minnie‘s aunt Ottil ROSE & uncle George ROSE.

Vacy School Photos

There will be PRESLAND children in the following photos. These photos were kindly sent by Col Horn…1) and came from his grandmother Elsie HORN née BROOKER's collection. Can anyone help with identification? The following table shows the PRESLAND possibilities:

PRESLAND Enrolment Vacy P.S. …2), 5)
# Last Name Birth-Death Year Enrolled
1 Maud Eleanor 1898-1995 1906
2 Alfred John 1900-1979 1907
3 James 1902-1952 1908
4 May Elizabeth Jane 1904-1948 1910, 1913
5 Florence Louisa 1906-1987 1912
6 Minnie Rose 1908-1961 1914
7 Ivy 1910-1988 1917
8 George 1912-1975
9 Edna Grace (Girlie) 1915-1989


Any other names apart from PRESLAND would also be gratefully received and would certainly add to the historic value of these photos:

Vacy School 1916-18.
Image of Vacy pupils abt 1916-18. Courtesy of Colin Horn. Vacy School 1916-18. Courtesy of Colin Horn. Request for help? Can you please supply names for the numbers below? My e-mail link here: Philip Strong
From L. (Back row) 1, Mr F.C. Willis, Principal 1916-22, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, 8, 9, 10; (2nd Row) 1, Bram Horn, Elsie Brooker, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13;
(3rd Row Seated) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; (Front Row on ground) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
Vacy pupils 1925.
Image of Vacy pupils 1925. Courtesy of Colin Horn. Photo of Vacy pupils 1925, courtesy of Colin Horn. Request for help with the names? Any corrections? My e-mail link Philip Strong
VACY SCHOOL— 1925—(Back row) Reg Ninness, William John Brooker, John Rockliff Woodhouse, Basil Cardow, Richard Eric Ninness, Frederick W. Hudson, George Presland, Henry J. Watson, Jack McInnes(?), Jim Somerville, George Somerville;
(2nd Row) Lily Elizabeth Woodhouse, Melva Eveleigh. Lila Muriel Fairhall, Doris Mary Fairhall, Lily Kathleen McInnes, Minnie Watson, Doris Mabel Layer, Florence Irene (Reenie Duck, Melba Ivy Woodhouse, Verlie Pilgrim;
(3rd Row) Doris Ninness, Dorothy Edna Keppie, Jean Pilgrim, Violet R. (Trixie) Fairhall, Edna Grace Brooker, Edna (Girlie) Presland, Jessie Osborne, Frances Pilgrim, Violet Osborne, Elsie Somerville;
(Front Row) Richard Lance Keppie, Henry(?) K. Hudson, Colin(?) M. Cardow, Frederick Gilbert (Eddie) Layer, Colin Bush.
The christian names were provided by Colin Horn. with further details from Murray Brooker, Diane Galligan and Valarie Butler-Smith.

Sources… Appendix 4: The PRESLANDs
1) Colin Horn. Pers. comm. 2015-17. Colin is the grandson of Bram & Elsie HORN. He lived opposite the PRESLAND house in the 1950’s.
2)Jocelyn Lloyd. Transcriptions from: Admission Register 1886-1956, Vacy Public School. State Records NSW; Item: [1/4960] . See here.
3) Judy Soper. Pers. comm. 2015-17.
4) Barry Alsop (Editor). Vacy Public School, 1859-1984 : A booklet to commemorate 125 years of service, compiled by the Principal & members of the P. &​C. Association. Vacy; 1984.
5)Jocelyn Lloyd. Pers. comm. 2015-17.
Especial thanks to Colin HORN andJudy SOPER, who kindly provided the problem photos above. We have a joint interest in finding names in these photos. Thanks to Colin Horn, Diane GALLIGAN, Murray BROOKER and Valarie BUTLER-SMITH who provided names.



It would be great if descendants of the PRESLANDs, or people with knowledge of this family, could make contact with me. I know remarkably little about great aunt Minnie PRESLAND née ROSE. It would be great to find her photo. Can anyone help with more information? See the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.


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