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This appendix contains supporting data for the preceding chapter 4.


Appendix 2 : The other MARQUARD siblings… what happened to Dora's brothers?

Johan Adam (Adam) MARQUARD.

This section is a working document to promote discussion and further contributions.

In the preceding chapter 4 it was described that Johann Adam MARQUARD had arranged emigration and Australian employment through the NSW immigration agent Wilhelm Kirchner. Kirchner was was born in Frankfurt am Main and had a network of agents in Germany. Adam had a passage on the ‘Marbs’ and employment with Francis Robert Chester-Master, at “Gladfield”, 20km NE from Warwick, Darling Downs, Qld …i), ii)…pg14, iii). For immigration purposes Adam called himself a vinedresser, …iii) but emigration data showed that his real skill was a "Maurer" or stonemason. …x)

However, a few years before the arrival of 'Marbs' at Moreton Bay on 22 Mar 1855, Chester-Master had sold "Gladfield" to Neil Ross for £75 and Ross had resold the property in about 1852. …i) A 1985 newspaper account says that arrangements were made for Adam's employment at "Frasers Creek on the upper reaches of the Macintyre River near Inverell, where it is believed he served out a two year contract. In 1858 they moved to Callandoon Station where Adam had arranged employment". …iv)…a Graham Todd's newspaper article was compiled as a local Bicentenary Project which also marking Goondiwindi's 150th birthday. The material in the article was later included in Graham Todd's book "The Goondiwindi Story", which then gave the sources: “This history is written from notes kindly supplied by Douglas MARQUARD of Goondiwindi and Alan RAINBOW, both Great-Great-grandchildren of Adam and Otellie MARQUARD”. …iv)…b The Frazers Creek part of the story proved correct, since Adam and Ottelie had two children (Adam & George) at Fraser's / Frazer's Creek. In 1848 the Frazer's Creek property had an estimated area of 60,000ac and estimated grazing capability of 4,000 cattle. The lessee was Edward Ashbee. …xxx)… p6, xxxii) Their children's story is detailed below together with maps locating Frazer's Creek.

Image of Callandoon homestead about 1917. Callandoon homestead about 1917. From Fox's History of Queensland;…217.

Sadly, Adam drowned on 21 September 1860 in the McIntyre River near Calandoon. A contemporary Calandoon correspondent reported with this identical article in at least 3 newspapers:

A man named Adam Marquartz, a native of Germany, and a shepherd in the employ of Messrs. Tooth and White, Callandoon, but residing at Boobera, on the New South Wales side of the river, was lost on the 21st ult. It would appear that he had been to make some purchases at a Callandoon store, on the other side. In consequence of his non-arrival home, enquiry was made, and the police accompanied by blacks succeeded in tracking his horse to the river's side, but could obtain no trace of his exit on the other side of the river, and all attempts to find the bodies of either horse or man have failed. The river, which has been impassable for three weeks previous to tbe accident, had not a single boat upon it. The deceased leaves a wife and three children to deplore their loss. …v)…a,b,c

This correspondent continued his story on the following week:

The body of the unfortunate man Adam Marquartz whose loss I reported last week has been recovered by the Chief Constable, and buried near the spot. In the map of this township no reserve is mentioned as having been laid aside for a burial ground. I am ignorant whether such is customary, but I see in one of the new Land Bills a clause which induces me to think it an oversight. The river still continues impassable, and is likely to remain so for some time.
October 7, 1860. …v)…d

His death certificate recorded:

Death 1860: Adam MARQUARTZ. *Reg# 1860/C92. Deaths in the District of Drayton in the Colony of Queensland. Registered by G.H. Loveday. DESCRIPTION: * When and where died: 21 September 1860, Calandoon *Name and surname, rank or profession: Adam Marquartz, shepherd * Sex and Age: Male 33 years * (1) Cause of Death: Drowned in attempting to cross the McIntyre River. (2) Duration of last Illness: — (3) Medical Attendant by whom certified: —. (4) When he last saw deceased: — * (1) Name and surname of father: John Marquartz. (2) Rank or profession of father: Laborer. (3) Maiden name of mother: Thirita Verson. *Signature, Description and Residence of Informant: Information …writing certif…by Frederick Gar….Magistrate..holding enqu… Calandoon *(1) Signature of District Registrar: G.H. Loveday. (2) Date: 18th October 1860. (3) Where registered: Drayton. * IF BURIAL REGISTERED: (1) When and where buried: 5th October 1860. Calandoon (2)Undertaker by whom buried: William H. Philp. *(1) Name and religion of Minister of Minister: No Minister (2)Names of Witnesses of Burial: Michael Fogarty, George Donald * Where born: Baden, Germany. *How long in the Australian Colonies, stating which: 6 years. *IF DECEASED WAS MARRIED: (1) Where: Baden, Germany. (2) and at what age: 1854. (3) and to whom : Ottilia Teufel. *Issue in order of Birth, their Names and Ages: Three Children* …vi)

The death registration confirmed his accidental death and in spite of defects in copying the register, show that a magisterial enquiry was held into the circumstances of his death. The names given for his parents are puzzling, since the information Adam had given to immigration was: father, Adam; mother, Dorothea alive… quite different to: father: John Marquartz; Maiden name of mother: Thirita Verson.

Why was Ottilia's maiden surname recorded as TEUFEL for Adam's death certificate …vi and not DUFFEL, which was the name given to the immigration authorities? Ottilie was a very recent immigrant on the 'Marbs' and probably had no English. I would suggest that when Ottilie said the name which sounded like "TEUFEL" to an English speaker, it was probably "DEUFEL". The basis for this suggestion is that "DEUFEL" was a common name at Ottilie's home village of Niklashausen, and there was another "DEUFEL" on the 'Marbs'. …iii)
 Note: "Teufel" is German for Satan.

This other DEUFEL was Johann Georg DEUFEL, who could have been Ottilia's brother. Johann's first name may have been the same as his father's in the German tradition, he came from Niklashausen, he had a mother named Dorothea. Then Ottilie's shipping record showed that she came from Niklashausen, her mother was Dorothy and father was Johan DUFFEL. …iii) A fair correlation?
 Note: Johann Georg DEUFEL's wife died on the ship, Johann died shortly after landing and there are claims that his three children aged 11, 7 and 3 walked from Brisbane to Tieryboo Station (Condamine) Qld. …xx) …a really epic legend! Jenny Paterson discusses this under the heading of :"Individual (tall) stories". …ii)…pg 15

Then there was another DEUFEL from Niklashausen on the 'Triton' in 1853 …xxxiii). This was Peter DEUFEL, vinedresser, also with parents Johannes and Dorothea, mother living and father dead. He came with his wife Maria Catharina FAHM from Waldenhausen. His son James P. DEUFEL was born at Terrys Meadows (Albion Park) NSW in 1854 and his probable death was registered at Kiama NSW as Peter DEIFELL in 1859. Also sounds like Ottilia's brother?

The following 1985 newspaper article gave much more specific detail on Adam's accident:

In September the area received heavy rain and the Macintyre River, which divided the properties of Callandoon and Boobera, was in flood. On the Friday 21, September Adam checked out supplies from the Callandoon store to transport them to Boobera station. He then set out to deliver the goods but failed to return.
 On Monday September 24, the local chief Constable Michael Fogarty was informed the he was missing, believed drowned. On Tuesday 25, three constables were sent to search for his body but after two days of searching returned to report that because of the swollen state of the river the search had been quite difficult and no body had been found. It was decided to abandon the search until the flood waters had receded.
 Subsequently a week later on October 4, Thursday Chief Constable Fogarty and Constable Sinnard searched for and eventually found the body stuck fast in the fork of a tree about two miles downstream from where Adam had attempted to cross the river. However, because of its position midstream they were unable to recover the body. The next day Chief Constable Fogarty returned with a small party including some local blacks and recovered the body. Jacob Meller, a fellow immigrant of Adam’s from Germany identified the body.
Adam had the supplies which he had drawn for the Callandoon store still strapped to his body.  Because of the deterioration of the body and in accordance with Ottellie’s wishes the body was buried alongside the river adjacent to where it was found. …iv)…a

This information from the 1985 article sounds as if it came from the enquiry mentioned in the death registration. The Queensland Archives file of the inquest was a bit hard to find since it was under the name of Adam MacQUARTZ. …ix) The names of our family found in my research are many… MARQUET, MARQUART, MARQUARD, MACHHARD, MARQUARTZ, MACQUARTZ, MARQUARDT, MARKART. Never thought of MACQUARTZ! The inquest files only contained a copy of Chief Constable Fogarty's statement, which did not have much to add to the above accounts. Additional material includes the probability, allowing for the handwriting, that Adam's fellow countryman was Jacob Keller, not Meller. Also, Adam was identified by Keller on the basis of the goods from Calandoon which were still on his body. The search party found Adam "fast to a log in the centre of the River". The name of the magistrate was Frederick Gardiner JP, which was obscured in the death register entry.…ix) Note that Captain Frederick Gardiner was in charge of a Corps of Native Police, with headquarters at Callandoon. In 1854 a Board of Enquiry recommended his dismissal. …xiv)

Callandoon was originally a station which included holdings on both sides of the McIntyre River. The final purchase before the subdivision is described:

Eventually (about 1907), in conjunction with a partner, he (Hugh Ross) purchased "Callandoon," on the MacIntyre River, near Goondiwindi, from the executors of the late Dr. Jenkins, acquiring with the property some 60,000 sheep and several thousand head of cattle. This connection was discontinued at the end of a year, when a division of the property took place, Mr. Ross retaining the portion known as the river country and "Boobera," on which was situated the original homestead and buildings, his partner taking the northern portion of the run. …vii)

Image of Boobera homestead about 1917. Boobera homestead about 1917. From Fox’s History of Queensland; 1923. vi)…216.

Boobera homestead was burnt down in 1953. The press described it as a £6,000 10-roomed homestead, 11 miles SW of Goondiwindi. It was still owned by a Ross descendant. …viii)

Adam & Ottilie’s Family.

The press report of Adam’s death said they had three children.…v)…a,b,c This was a puzzle since the 'Marbs' immigration records only listed a son Andreas, aged three …iii) and for some time no NSW or Qld birth or death records could be found for the other two children. The 1985 Graham Todd newspaper article infers that Andreas was aged about 3 months when he arrived in NSW, which does not match the information from shipping records which state 3 years. Thus Todd gives Andreas a DoB of Dec 1854 and also gives the names of the other children. …iv) Adam Jr and George.

On November 26, 1854, along with Ottellie, who was in an advanced stage of pregnancy boarded the emigrant bounty ship “MARBS” at Hamburg to commence the long sea voyage to New South Wales. Some weeks out while in French waters Ottellie gave birth to a son whom they called Andreas (Andrew) …(and also)… By 1860 Adam and Ottellie had two further children, Adam Jr, and George, and Adam Snr, was employed as a shepherd …(and again)… (Ottellie’s) son Adam remained single. …iv)…a

Which version of Andreas' birth should we accept? Born Dec 1854, in French waters on the ‘Marbs’ voyage: recorded in the newspaper secondary source… an unsourced presumably oral history account written in 1985 …iv)…a… OR born 1851, which derives from both the following primary sources:

The hard evidence indicates that Andreas was born in 1851, …iii), xvii) probably in Niklashausen, Baden, Germany, before his parents' marriage in 1854 …vi), xviii). He was probably born as Andreas DEUFEL, illegitimate son of Ottilia DEUFEL. It would be great to get the register record of their 1854 marriage… where I expect that Andreas would be mentioned as: "Unehelich, Annerkennung bei Heirat" or illegitimate, acknowledged by marriage.

AncestryCom is not all good in its effects on family history writing, due to the way it is used. Someone used Graham Todd's account of the birth, made without a citation of a solid primary source… then other people constructing their "Family Trees" copied this record, even though the image of the 'Marbs' immigration record could be accessed. Short cuts in family history are dangerous… we should check the sources ourselves and not rely on others for their assertions. Out of 16 AncestryCom Trees which included Andreas, 14 presented "Born Dec 1854, in French waters on the ‘Marbs’ voyage", one said "b. 1849 Hamburg", and only one said "b. 1852 Germany", which is the closest.

Why did our earlier relatives (before 1985) promote the "born Dec 1854, in French waters on the ‘Marbs’ voyage" in their oral family history, which was then perpetuated in AncestryCom? Was there a rejection of Andreas' date of birth of 1851 which was before his parents' marriage in 1854? Victorian attitudes extended into the 20th century about illegitimacy, and such uncomfortable information was often not mentioned and was even suppressed.

We should realise that the high incidence of illegitimacy in Germany at that time arose from economic and legislative imperative and not "moral decay" which may have worried their descendants. Jenny Paterson says:

The marriage regulations in so many of the German states at that time were so stringent and the mandatory state marriage licence was so expensive that many couples could not afford to marry for years. The government’s aim was to cut down on the increase among the poor, but it didn’t work of course and was abandoned in the 1860s. Many couples made do with a betrothal before a minister or priest, who could not enter this as a marriage until the state marriage licence had been issued. The couple lived together and had children whose births were entered as illegitimate. Sometimes the fathers made a paternity declaration, and the child could then be given the father’s surname, and when the couple were able to marry the child/children gained legitimacy. You can find notes to the effect in the church books.
The couples emigrating to NSW as government-assisted immigrants had to bring with them evidence of marriage, so local authorities found ways to get around these laws, and it was often done by the emigrant renouncing their citizenship so they could be married and take the documentation with them. …xv), xix)

Returning to Adam & Ottelie’s other two children. They could not be found initially due to the spellings they used with their names on different occasions. …xxi) to xxvi) They were born at Fraser's Creek… see the map below which shows the village of Ashford, which is in the middle of the Fraser's Creek property:


Image of Callandoon homestead about 1917.Border River catchment area.
The Macintyre & Dumaresq Rivers constitute the border between NSW and Qld to the north.
Ashford is in the Fraser's Creek property between the Macintyre & Severn Rivers. This property was 60,000 ac and carried 4,000 cattle in 1848. Fraser's Creek flowed into the Severn River and then into the Macintyre River which flows NW towards Goondiwindi and Boobera Station where Adam & Ottelie finally lived. Note also Croppa Creek where George Marquard lived at 'Alma Park'.
Creative Commons: ©State of New South Wales and Office of Environment and Heritage; 2015


Their obituaries tell some of their stories…

Adam’s obituary:

The funeral took place on Tuesday (30 Nov 1937) of the late Mr. Adam Marquard, who died on Sunday at ‘”Myall” the properly of Mr. W. R. Jardine, at the age of 85 years. The late Mr. Marquard had been employed for 30 years by Mr. W. H. Jardine, who speaks highly of his honesty and capability. A single man, he leaves two sisters, Mrs. J Schmidt (Alma Park) and Mrs. Berridge (Warialda). and a brother Mr. Harry Marquard (Alma Park). The remains were interred in the Church of England Cemetery, Rev. H. E. West officiating. Mr W.J. Trencher was the undertaker. …xxviii)

George’s obituary:

Mr. G. Markquill.
Mr. George Markquill, an old and well-known identity of the Moree district, passed away in the Moree District Hospital early last night. Born at Fraser's Creek, near Ashford, the late Mr. Markquill, who was 89 years of age, came to Moree district over fifty years ago. In his young days he followed the occupation of a carpenter, but later took up station work, which he followed until about 20 years ago, when he retired and went to reside at 'Alma Park', Croppa Creek. He is survived by one son and one daughter, his wife having predeceased him many years ago. The son is Mr George Markquill (Queensland) and the daughter Mrs. J. Hamilton (Oakey Creek, Bingara). Two sisters and a step-brother also survive him. The sisters are Mesdames T. Berridge (Warialda) and J. Day (Goondiwindi), and the stepbrother Mr. J. Braser [should be GLASER] (Croppa Creek). …xxvii)

The obituaries show that Adam & George were raised with the children of Ottilie's second marriage to George GLOSER, and continued a close association. The "sisters" mentioned are: Mrs. J Schmidt (Alma Park) [Dora (Eva) GLOSER b. 1862], Mrs T. Berridge (Warialda) [Ottellie / Otilda GLOSER b. 1872] and Mrs J. Day (Goondiwindi) [Catherine GLOSER b. 1862], and the "stepbrother": Mr. J. Braser (sic) [John GLOSER b. 1866].

Adam's age at death of 85 and thus a DOB of 1852, is clearly incorrect since his death certificate says he was born in Fraser's Creek NSW and his parents immigrated in 1855! George's birth details of 1859 at Fraser's Creek is consistent across his obituary and death certificate. This suggests that Adam was thus the first born at Fraser's Creek and his DoB was abt 1857.

Adam was unmarried, and George's obituary …xxvii) refers to his wife dying some time before (in 1892). …xxiv) He had married Martha DISCHER, …xxiii) the daughter of a prominent Warialda family, described in some detail by Mervyn Williamson. …xxxi)… pp 1-3

George’s daughter …xxv) died in sad circumstances in 1910 …xxvi)

Death at the Hospital — Miss Annie Marquill, daughter of Mr. G. Marquill of Buckie, died at the Warialda hospital on Saturday morning after a brief illness. The girl had for some years lived with her grand-parents Mr. and Mrs. C. Discher. About a fortnight ago she contracted a cold, but did not take much notice of it until a week Iater, when she complained of pains in the chest and was advised to seek medical aid. Her condition rapidly became serious, and on Thursday last she was convoyed to the hospital in a critical condition, suffering from pneumonia. All efforts, to check the virulent malady proved in vain, and the sufferer passed away as stated, at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning. Deceased was 18 years of age. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon Mr Angove read the burial service. …xxix)

The press report indicates how George’s parents-in-law Conrad & Martha DISCHER helped with the care of his family after his wife's death in 1892. Perhaps they cared for their granddaughter for all her life?

The following map gives the locations of the stations mentioned above.


Image of Land holdings in the Inverell Shire in 1848. Land holdings in the Inverell Shire in 1848. …xxx)… pg6 Courtesy of the Inverell District Family History Group.
#15: Frazer's Creek & Ashford… Adam and Ottelie first settled here when they came to NSW.
#25: Myall Creek… Adam (Jnr) MARQUARD worked here from abt 1907 until he died on 28 Nov 1937.
Gunyerwarildi… Mrs T. Berridge (Ottellie Otilda GLOSER).
Yallaroi… George MARQUARD married here in 1887, his daughter Annie lived here with grandparents (DISCHER) probably 1892-1910.
To the west & off this map… ‘Alma Park’ Croppa Creek… George MARQUARD lived here from about 1928 until he died on 4 Aug 1948.
also at ‘Alma Park’… Mrs. J Schmidt (Dora (Eva) GLOSER); at Croppa Creek… John GLOSER.


Details of Adam and Ottilie's family are:


Image of Andreas Henry (Andrew) MARQUARD’s family. Andreas Henry (Andrew) MARQUARD’s family. Photo: Kind permission of Janine South, who identified the people.
From L to R: Standing: Kate, Annie, Don, George, & Elsie; Sitting: Jane (nee McDonald) Marquard –( William her son on her knee) – Mona, Andreas Henry (Andrew) MARQUARD & Annie Marquard, Andrew Marquard; Nellie - standing in front of Annie
Ottilie & George’s Family.

After Adam's death, Ottilie re-married to the widower George GLOSER. He was a widower from Winton.…xi) He had married his first wife Susanna Christina HEYD (b. 24 Jul 1834) on 19 Sep 1854 at Dörrenzimmern, Württemberg. Susanna must have died, for he then married her twin sister Johanne Christine HEŸD on 19 Dec 1855 at Weinsberg, Württemberg, …xiii) just before he emigrated on 12 Jan 1855 on the ‘Commodore Perry’. There is an application for emigration in 1854 by Johanne which shows she lived in Weinsberg, age 20, two children (one would have included herself since she was aged 20), and the comment: 1 unehelich Kind (1 illegitimate child). …x), xv) The ‘Commodore Perry’ shipping list records George, his second wife "Johanna" aged 20, who died on the voyage, and Sophia, an infant daughter. …xii) There is a death record for a Sophia GLAZIER in 1856, father George, mother Catherine, registered at Maitland East. …xvi) This does not seem to fit.

Then there is the problem of where and when did George GLOSER die? Four public trees on AncestryCom say 13 Aug 1892, Goondiwindi, but without citation. I have tried to get a death certificate for this event, but no luck in either Qld or NSW. No GLOSER, GLASSER, GLASER, GLAZER, GLAZIER, GLACER etc. Tried the usual G* wildcard search for his surname. Perhaps the date came from George’s tombstone? Graham Todd says: “In 1861 Ottellie married George GLASSER (this is spelt Glacer on his headstone) and they lived on Boobera Station.” …iv)…a Can someone help with the location of the headstone that Todd mentioned?

Details of George and Ottilie's family are:

The following descendancy report is only a start.

Details of the descendants of the children of both the families reported above is beyond the scope of this chapter, but is crucial for the organisers of the MARQUARD family reunion whch will be held in Goondiwindi Qld on 24 Mar 2017, organised through the Marquard Family Reunion Facebook Group. Please contact this group if you are interested.

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Acknowledgments… (a) Johan Adam (Adam) MARQUARD:

Especial thanks to Janine McClure & Janine Parr-South who welcomed me to the "Marquard Family Reunion" Facebook Group, discussed problems in the research of this family and sent me photos and certificates. I appreciated discussion with other members of the group. Thanks also to the kind people who sent me copy of Graham Todd's important article on the Marquard family which appeared in the Goondiwindi Argus and also in his book "The Goondiwindi Story"… these were Maryanne Carlile, Joneen Ferguson and the Goondiwindi Family History Society. Many thanks to Jenny Paterson for her published papers on German immigration and her kindness in corresponding with me about this area.


It would be great if descendants of the German ROOS (ROSE) and MARQUARD (MARQUET etc) families who might share our earliest maternal ancestor might contact me. See the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.

The Story Continues