The LANE/LAIN(E)s of Ulster, Ireland, Chapter 5

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This page provides a "stub" for the eldest LANE child, Jane… to provide some interesting snippets of information from the view point of the author's father, and then to direct the reader to the recorded detail of Jane STRONG (née LAINE)'s life which is in the context of her life with her husband Robert STRONG ..... on the STRONGs of Ulster, Ireland pages.

Children (ii): Jane STRONG (née LANE) [b. 1839]

On 14 Dec 1874, James LANE's eldest daughter Jane STRONG (née LAINE) [my g-g-mother] emigrated to New Zealand with her husband Robert STRONG n/i). Details of her story are in the STRONGs of Ulster, Ireland pages.

Now read on… with the following snippet of information to show my immediate family's connection.

After Robert died in 1910 r/i), Jane lived with her son William Aberdare STRONG in Drury NZ until her death in 1921. My father (also Robert STRONG) had never met his grandmother Jane. However, Robert sent a postcard to his grandmother after his grandfather's death, which had a note "14/12/13 From Rev. Robert STRONG, Sydney, to Granny STRONG, Drury" added at the top of the postcard by our NZ relatives, who kept this card and finally sent it to me many years later:

Postcard to Jane STRONGPostcard to Jane STRONG From Robert GD STRONG
Kindly returned to our family by Brian Strong.


On the other side of the postcard is a historic early picture of St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney, notable for a wrought iron fence which has been since demolished to create a town square. Perhaps Jane was a devout woman who would be interested in the details of the confirmation and christening.

Postcard showing St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney. Postcard showing St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney.

      Archives, Registrations and Lists:
r/i) Death of Robert STRONG. Reg# 1910/1636. Registrar of BDM, New Zealand.
r/xLvi) Death of Jane STRONG. Reg# 1921/1937. Registrar of BDM, New Zealand.

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