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The purpose of this site is to promote discussion of the STRONG family from Drumbo, Holywood, Knocknagoney and Belfast… as well as the associated families listed above.

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Since I am approaching the end of research into my family, it might be the time for tentative conclusions. I had thought about this idea illustrated on the left:

Then there are more serious thoughts?

     The why and how of this rather large site?
Retirement from a lifetime of science teaching left me with a need for continuing intellectual challenge which might prevent Alzheimers! An historiography course (study of the writing of history) gave me the inspiration, showing that the scientific method applied to history research, even though there was the absence of experiments.
Some people dismiss family historians’ work as mere collation of facts like collecting stamps. I have consciously gone beyond mere collation, seeking research perspective, interpretation, contextualisation and truth. Sources have been cited as in any other academic paper, so that others might readily check what is presented.

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