George FOSTER Family Bible.
In July 2021 I bought a heavy family King James Bible (5.2kg, 32 X 25 X 8cm) which had been originally bought in Melbourne in 1980. The only link to our family was the writing on the fly-leaf saying "George Foster January 1st 1879 Launceston" (see here). How many George FOSTERs bought an expensive Bible like this in Launceston in 1879? The heavy brass corners of the covers had provision for two brass locks. The Bible was printed by Oxford University Press in 1875. It had the original 1611 edition prefaces: a one page ascription to King James and a seven page preface "Translators to the Reader". This latter statement sets out what the objectives of the translators were, why the translation is justified, answering objections from both Catholics and Calvinists who object to a new translation, and explaining the translation philosophy of the authors. There were extensive sidenotes on both sides of every page and there were 13 woodcut engravings on heavy board… 7 in the Old Testament and 6 in the New. All edges of the pages were gilded. Unfortunately for the family historian there were no family records! However, this Bible shows he owned it in the first month of his retirement.
Was it a presentation Bible in which he may have intended to record family details, but never got around to it?
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Image of George FOSTER Family Bible